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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Comic Review: Ghoster (The Gallowing Part 1)

Ghoster (The Gallowing Part 1)
Oct 1, 2019
Writers: Thom Burgess, Toby Meakins
Art: Joe Becci 
45 pages
Genre: horror graphic novella
A young man attempts to survive The Gallowing, the deadly initiation into the secret Guild of Ghosters, five families of  Malevolent hunters that have protected Britain from evil spirits for centuries. To complete his mission and join the ranks of his ancestors he must hunt down a Malevolent in the most haunted house in London or die trying.

Acclaimed comic writer Thom Burgess (Malevolents, The Eyrie) and award-winning filmmaker Toby Meakins (Breathe,  Floor 9.5) have teamed up to create GHOSTER - A dark, supernatural world with a rich hidden history that spans centuries and reaches across continents. A world where the malevolent spirits that feed on the pain, suffering and death of humans are only kept at bay by an almost extinct band of malevolent hunters, who literally become ghosts to hunt ghosts. 

Part 1 The Gallowing is illustrated by Joe Becci, who’s unique style and use of shadow have set the tone for a sinister and exciting ride into the world of Ghoster.

You can also follow the world of Ghoster and its creators on their TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages. 
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"Once upon a time or so it's said, a Ghoster came to hunt the dead."

I was scrolling through twitter when I ran across the image above and this quote. AND it was going to be released online for free! Yeah, I was all over this.

The comic opens with a scene from a horror movie. Eyeballs, why'd it have to be eyeballs?! *shudder* There are two young men preparing for an initiation into The Guild of Ghosters, a secret society of ghost hunters. They've kept Brittian safe from Malevolents (ghosts) for centuries. Ghosters have the ability to enter the tenebrate--a netherworld between the dead and the living--and kill Malevolents. Things go horribly wrong...of course!

The writers have created an interesting urban fantasy and the Gallowing Part 1 gives us a look into this macabre world. There are a few mysteries shown, and a possible conspiracy--we are talking about a centries old secret organization. 

The artwork is what makes this story shine. When Ghosters go into the tenebrate they essentially become spirits with a steampunk look unique to their family line.
See the guy watching them in the last panel? Yeah, mystery and conspiracy! I loved the way the artist uses color and shadow to differentiate between the tenebrate and the living world. The overall tone is haunting and dark in both worlds.  
This is a great start to ghostly urban fantasy I'm ready to experience. Forty-five pages seem like a lot but the story/action moves quickly and it's over too soon. At the end of the comic, there is a glossary of terms.

I don't know how much of this series will be free, but you can download Part 1 for free on their website.

4.5 "Got something in my eye" Sheep


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