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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Here's Your Invitation to try our Dark Mocha Bites

We're inviting you to try our Dark Mocha Bites!

Works in this category tend to be labeled at #horror or #thrillers. So, get these goodies for your Kindle, tablet, or lap! These delicious, dark treats won't rot your teeth. And you can buy as many as you like!
We've cherry-picked some of our favorites below, but there are more choices in the box. Click below to see the entire treat bag. 

What's better for Halloween than a spooky, haunted house story?
Read the story that author, S.H. Roddey, says is the scariest thing she's ever written.
Read it for $0.00 with Kindle Unlimited or

Or, if scary haunted houses aren't your thing, try paranormal Sherlock Holmes stories! 
The game is afoot when the ghosts, fairies, and werewolves are real!

Last, but not least, is an entire collection of horror tales written by women!
Beauty becomes deadly, innocence kills, and karma is a harsh mistress in this thrilling collection of short stories! 

About Mocha Memoirs Press
We love coffee and we love books. The two are made for each other. We’re Mocha Memoirs and we’re dealers of diverse speculative fiction. Like a favorite coffee house, we offer new flavors for every reader. Taste one of our delicious and daring titles today!
We believe representation in speculative fiction (science fiction, horror, fantasy) is not only important, but a necessity. We publish engaging stories that amplify diverse experiences with vivid storytelling, robust protagonists, and fearless voices.

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