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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Book Review: Crown of Darkness (Dark Court Rising Book 2) by Bec McMaster

Crown of Darkness (Dark Court Rising Book 2)
by Bec McMaster
September 15, 2020
439 pages
Thiago and Iskvien survived a dangerous curse, but will they survive the coming war?

Princess Iskvien made a dangerous bargain with an ancient goddess in order to break her mother’s curse. Now she must find the Crown of Shadows within a year, or the goddess will take her firstborn child.

Thiago—her heart and soul—stands at her side, but their love has never been tested like this.

Enemies surround them, but in the game of love and war, does her mother, Queen Adaia, hold the ultimate weapon up her sleeve? Or can their love defeat all?

True love will face the ultimate challenge when a dark goddess rises, secrets threaten to tear two lovers apart, and a queen will stop at nothing to gain revenge. Read this epic fantasy filled with magic and breathtaking romance today!

Warning: Cliffhanger ending.

Bec McMaster has quickly become on of my favourite writers. I adore this fantasy series and its power couple Iskvien “Vi” and Thiago. Book two, Crown of Darkness, is a continuation of the pair’s struggle against Iskvien’s malevolent mother, Adia, and her dangerous machinations against Thiago’s crown. Thiago and Vi face an additional threat to their future at the hands of a mysterious and imprisoned goddess with ancient and terrifying power.

McMaster’s world is creative and vivid. The series starts as a Hades/Persephone inspired tale but has become so much more. There are many moving parts in this series; the intrigue is vast. McMaster’s entertaining cast of characters tease at stories and relationships yet to unfold, particularly with Andraste and Edain, Vi’s sister and stepbrother, and ensconced members of Adia’s court. The emergence of Grimm, Vi’s familiar/protector, has been an entertaining and intriguing twist to the story.

The author warns of Crown of Darkness’s cliff-hanger ending. We are, however, reassured by an author’s note indicating she writes HEA romance and a third installment is forthcoming. This is a must-read series for fans of fantasy romance. Start with book one, Promise of Darkness. You won’t be sorry.

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Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
I'm a writer. Dreamer. Travel Addict. And enthusiastic-if-not-perfect baker. I'll honestly admit that I don't always follow the recipe, be it cooking, or writing romances. If I'm not sitting in front of the computer, I'm probably plotting my next world trip. Or eating chocolate. Sometimes I run. Because...chocolate. I grew up on a steady diet of 80's fantasy movies like Ladyhawke, Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride, and love creating epic, fantasy-based worlds with heroes and heroines who must defeat all the odds to have their HEA. I live in a country town in Australia, with my very own beta hero, Byron; Kobe, a dog who will eat anything (even used teabags); and demanding chickens, Siggy and Lagertha.


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