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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

UF author Sybil Le Pyrmont: Top 5 Fun Facts about Sybil Le Pyrmont + giveaway


1) As a teen, I used to race in Karting championships. 
Both of my parents were amateur racing drivers, so I guess it must have been a transmissible disease. This is me at age 17, between two laps of a race:
To everyone’s chagrin (except mine), I carried my racing track antics over to public roads in later years; no one except my family and a few close friends wanted to get into the car when I was driving. No idea why ... The fastest I’ve ever driven on a highway was 270 km/h, or about 170 mph – mind you, this was on a German Autobahn with no speed limit. But Karma is a bitch indeed: I lost my driving licence a total of three times over other speeding offences.

Am I still Fast & Furious these days, you ask? Not so much. I do need my licence, and tickets became way too expensive in recent years to make a sport of speeding. But if you promise to not rat me out to the authorities, I’ll share a little secret with you: I am so easily provoked into traffic light races. The Terror of The Tracks is very much alive!

2) I relocated to Japan at age 22 and worked there for a year. 
During that time, I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with the country, its people and culture (I’ll have to make an exception for the manga/anime/cosplay side of things though – just not my cup of sencha).

One fine day, at my Japanese workplace, they decided that I, too, should wear a kimono. I will never forget the squeals of delight – or was it hilarity – the first time I stepped out of the changing room. Yes, of course I looked like a prize idiot, not to mention that it took me a whopping 45 minutes each time to put that thing on. Every experience in life serves a purpose, as the saying goes, but I have yet to discover the purpose of this one. Other than developing profound sympathy for the women of the Japanese Imperial Family, who have to wear a kimono of at least 12 layers on certain formal occasions, I have never put this skill to use again.

Sorry, I can’t find a picture of the kimono for the life of me!

3) Okay, so here is one that will raise some eyebrows: I loathe sunshine, summer and blue skies. 
No, that’s not doing my feelings justice – I HATE them. Temperatures above 12 degrees Celsius (54 Fahrenheit) feel like torture to me. As soon as people flood parks and sidewalks in the spring, all I want to do is hole up at my flat. However, you will find me outside when the wind starts whistling around the house, and the ink-black above are about to tumble onto my head.

A few years ago, I travelled to the Scottish Highlands for a week, not least because of clouds, rain, and well, Scottish weather. Guess what: on five and a half days out of six, I had blazing sunshine. Everyone I encountered droned on about how lucky I was to enjoy so many beautiful days in a row – and I just wanted to punch them all in the face (that huge skinhead from Glasgow included).

My dream holiday destinations are Antarctica, Patagonia, Norway, Svalbard, Greenland, Yakutia (Siberia) and every Subantarctic island on the map.

Yeah, I should see a specialist about that. I know.

4) In line with my penchant for arctic temperatures, my favourite dog breed is the Borzoi (Russian wolfhound). 
I owned three of them throughout the years, and their love for snow and Siberian weather makes them the perfect companion for one such as myself.
Here is one of my boys (passed away in 2003):

My day job doesn’t allow for a pet at this time, but as soon as I see the even the tiniest opportunity (like a sudden but long-term boost in book sales), I will make it happen faster than you can say “blizzard”.

5) Less than a month ago, I got married. Mr. Le Pyrmont 
(please don’t tell him I called him that) is my best friend and has a remarkable tolerance for all my “fun facts”. We were colleagues and friends for 12 years before becoming an item; it happened on New Year’s Eve of 2018 during a quick trip to Stockholm. I used the oldest trick in the book: telling him that I was freezing and needed a hug. Still can’t believe he fell for that, knowing as he did that polar bear blood runs through my veins ...

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for taking the time to (virtually) meet me and some of my quirks!

I’d love to hear from you. If you would like to know more about me or The Shape of Stars Unknown, please drop me a line at – or get in touch on social media.

The Shape of Stars Unknown (The Aldarfall Saga, #1)
by Sybil Le Pyrmont
October 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
World domination is the least of their problems.

A STRANDED DEMIGOD. Lau of the House of Feofar, troubled and headstrong, screwed up. Royally. Now he lives out his days in exile on Earth – the very planet he once tried to exterminate.

A RUDDERLESS MORTAL WOMAN. Silver Laing leads the ordinary life of a white-collar worker. Lonely and desperately in search of purpose and new horizons, she gets more than she bargained for when she is offered a mysterious job.

A CATACLYSMIC PLAN BILLIONS OF YEARS IN THE MAKING. When a deadly visitor from Lau’s shrouded past threatens to lay the world in ashes, Silver and Lau must form an unlikely alliance against ancient and far superior forces.

An alliance with the potential to shake the very foundation of the Universe.

Shimmering new worlds?
Sizzling tension?
Secrets as old as time?
Splashes of humour?

If your answer to all of the above is ‘Hell, yeah!’ then The Shape of Stars Unknown is your guy. This first book in Sybil Le Pyrmont’s new urban fantasy adventure series, The Aldarfall Saga, will take you from Germany to Tibet, from Japan to Iceland and all the way to the other end of the Universe.

About the Author:
Sybil Le Pyrmont was born in Germany and was raised on the Canary Islands (that Gallic name is a pseudonym – her actual name has as much flair as a tax return). Although she now resides in Frankfurt, Germany, her heart has been beating for Tokyo ever since she spent a year in that city and discovered her epic love for all things Japan. That includes, to her acute embarrassment, the Shinagawa train station jingle she has installed as her ringtone. When Sybil isn’t writing, or dreaming of the anonymous donor who will some day gift her a house in Japan, she splits her time between her airline day job and long rants about the sunshine and the always-too-hot weather.

Sybil writes urban fantasy adventure to whisk her readers away to realms of imagination that have a distinct possibility of existing somewhere in the depths of the Universe.

Visit for more on Sybil and her writing.

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