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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Feral Fated Mate A Real Men Romance by Anne Hale + giveaway

Welcome to Real Men Romance, a multi-author world created by Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix. You'll find stories that include everything from shifters to fae and any type of paranormal creature in-between... There's sure to be something to satiate your paranormal romance craving within these pages. 

Feral Fated Mate (A Real Men Romance) 
by Anne Hale
68 pages
January 5, 2021
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Jax lost his mate…or so he thought.

Perched on the brink of feral madness, Jax is ready to succumb. Until he’s rescued by his mate—Nicolette. Except…her memories are gone. Can she still be his mate if she never remembers him?

She’s haunted by confused memories.

A sadistic man tried to make her love him once and Jax shares his face. But unlike the man from her past, Jax is covered in scars. Despite Nicolette’s twisted memories, she feels a pull to Jax unlike any other. What ties them so closely together? And can she love him again despite her fears?

**Part of the "Real Men Romance" multi-author world.**

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