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Friday, December 10, 2021

Book Review Coming: The Blue Pendant (When Gods Clash #1) by Rob James + giveaway

by Rob James
November 15th, 2021
Genre: Paranormal Thriller/ Greek Mythology
Debilitated in Afghanistan, Angus MacDonald struggles to find peace and escape his nightmares. He visits Culloden Battlefield, Scotland, where ancient voices traumatize him. They reveal a shocking connection to his ancestors who died in 1746 where he now stands. They compel him to fight again, but this time against an unworldly enemy. Inexplicable and uncanny changes wrack his mind and body.

To protect humankind from slavery Angus must face the past, but more troubling, his future while unraveling the mystery of his heritage. He strives to discover millennia-old truths from Olympus, Greece, and the violent history that produced them. The truth of who bred him to die saving humanity.
The most crucial battle of Angus’s story begins on the same infamous field of his clan’s decimation, but worse, when he returns to Washington, D.C., war follows.

Rob James’ WHEN GODS CLASH includes a fascinating take on Greek mythology through vivid world-building; a work of supernatural fantasy. Olympians are not what books describe. Here, they are real. The book is a searing, unique makeover of loved themes.

The Blue Pendant is the first book in Rob James’s series When Gods Clash. Angus MacDonald, a veteran with PTSD investigates his heritage in Culloden, Scotland when he starts to hear a voice from what appears to be his forefathers, who were killed by the British in 1746. Tony, his godfather struggles to help Angus and is shocked when unexplained things continue to happen to Angus, himself as well as others.

What interested me in this series was the connection between mythology from Olympus, Greece, and other areas. Mythology has so many connections to different aspects of our world and cultures around the world that I like to see how an author’s spin differs from another. The other fascinating part of this book that I wanted to explore was Scotland. Scotland is one of the most fascinating areas that I like to read about in a book series. If you’re a fan of a good mystery, mythology, or Scotland then this book is for you. The only thing I struggled with a little bit was the author’s writing style. There were times in the book that I was confused about who was talking but it didn’t deter too much from the great storyline.

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About the Author

Rob James is a student of history and geopolitics and writing novels with historical themes is his passion. Dramatic events and tales from history help to create thrills and suspense. They also color flawed but compelling protagonists.

Since childhood, stories of Rob Roy MacGregor, and the ancient Greek heroes heightened Rob’s passion for reading. He knows them and the history of their times intimately, lighting the richly layered backstory of his novels.

When referencing ancient characters, tradition can become repetitive so Rob takes care to provide unique takes on the often-repeated tales. As his plots are set in the present day, intertwining the old with the new demands respect for the old, while giving them a modern punch; a lift to provide relevance and resonate with readers.

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