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Monday, December 20, 2021

Book Review: Moon Scorned (Raven Moon Wolves #1) by Marty Mayberry

Moon Scorned (Raven Moon Wolves #1)
by Marty Mayberry
January 5th, 2022
Genre: Upper YA/ Shifter/ Paranormal Romance
I fell hard and fast for the alpha of an elite pack.

Then he rejected me.


Asher took off when I needed him most, rejecting me and my inner wolf. Then my half-sister is murdered at an exclusive college that’s enshrouded in magic and secrets. When the school offers me a scholarship, I accept and move onto campus. I’m going to find out who killed her, then rip them apart. And if I run into Asher while I’m there? He’ll learn I’m no longer his sweet little thing. He’s about to taste the fury of a wolf shifter scorned.


Everly’s everything to me, but to protect her, I had to shove her away. If I go near her, the Drudge Pack will discover who she truly is. My father—their enforcer—will kill her. But when she shows up at Ravenmire College, my inner wolf hungers. I’ll do anything to keep her safe—even if that means sacrificing myself and betraying my dangerous family.

Great start of a new series for the YA (high school+). The author wasted no time getting to the purpose and meat of the story and drawing you into the lives of Asher and Everly.

This story mixes angst, mystery, and “attempted” chivalry with the paranormal romance of the shifters. Well, there is a little twist to the full shifter side of Everly which makes it a lot more interesting.

How strong is the pull of “fated” mates? Would you give them up to save one?

There are witches, shifters, mafia “wolf” clans, and fae. This recipe makes for all kinds of interesting interactions and options for star-crossed lovers. As in a lot of romances, jealousy rears its head early with a few opportunistic characters ready to increase the divide between Asher and Everly. Although this seems to be a love story, when Everly’s sister dies at college, She takes it upon herself to discover what happened and accepts the invitation to attend the same dangerous institution.

This is an easy, no-drag read and should be checked out even if you are not a YA reader. It has all the goods!

Getting 4 sheep from me.

Marty lives in New England, where you’ll find her plotting and writing while walking in the park–yes, at the same time! Otherwise, you might find her sitting in the shade with her feet up, reading everything she can get her hands on.

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