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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Book Review: The Demon, The Hero, and The City of Seven (A Mal & Reg Novel of Widdershins Book 1) by A.E. Kincaid

The Demon, The Hero, and The City of Seven (A Mal & Reg Novel of Widdershins Book 1)
by A.E. Kincaid
December 14th, 2021
Genre: Fantasy/ Humorous Fantasy, satire, parody
Sometimes a little bad can do a lot of good.

What happens when good and evil collide?

They yell, “Ouch!”

When you’re a demon who’s been magically connected to a human for eternity, life is bound to be annoying. But when that human is also an inept hero who tosses his lunch whenever he gets stressed out? Breaking the connection becomes priority one.

Plus, there’s a mystery at the heart of their bond that needs unraveling. When the magical object that bound them broke, it weakened the barrier between Widdershins and the Underworld. The duo hopes to find a wizard in the City of Seven who will be able to help with both problems.

Follow along as our demon, Lord Malgon and our hero, Sir Reginald make themselves unwelcome with fairies, humans, dwarves and giants—all while racing to get to the City of Seven before Mal’s supremely evil brother.

In this debut humorous fantasy adventure novel, Kincaid pairs an endearing cast of characters with expert world-building and laugh-out-loud dialogue. The Demon, The Hero, and The City of Seven will leave a Mal and Reg-shaped stamp on your heart.

When I started reading this book, I couldn’t place the writing style. Was it beginner’s prose? Urban fantasy? Definitely not novel-like. Then about 10% into the read, it hit me what was familiar. It read like a bedtime fable you might tell your children (only longer). Once upon a time, there was a demon and a Hero…..yes, that’s it.

Heralded as comic relief, I didn’t necessarily laugh aloud but found myself smiling and drawing comparisons to the British TV series with David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Two ends of the spectrum personalities magicked to be bound together for life unless they can repair a broken stone.

Their journey to find help with the Grand Wizard is fraught with frustration and many perils that they have to escape. Giants, dwarves, spiders….ughhh. As I read, I could see the kid’s reactions and the storyteller’s embellishment.

Of course, there is an underlying life lesson here too. Can people have good influences on each other if spending time together even with insurmountable differences? You’ll have to pick this one up to find out…maybe get a new story to tell at storytime.

I enjoyed this book as soon as my correct mindset kicked in, and I looked at it for what I thought it to be.

Getting 3.5 “good omen” sheep.


In my 550 years of existence, I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who exasperates me more than Sir Reginald P. Asstradle, the ersatz Hero of Widdershins. When he speaks, I imagine drop-kicking him off a cliff. When he snores, I fantasize tossing him into a fiery volcano.
Don’t get me wrong—he’s a good lad. For a human, anyway. But when you are magically entangled with another being in such a way that putting just a few yards’ distance between the two of you triggers the spell to physically smash you back together? That can wear on anyone’s nerves. Like my nerves, for example. Right now.

About the Author
By day I am the Creative Director at a branding studio in Iowa. By night I write humorous fantasy novels. In between I drink coffee to keep up with a small human, and try to convince my cat she’s not as great at dictation as she thinks she is. The Demon, The Hero, and the City of Seven is my first published novel.

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