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Sunday, June 4, 2023

An Incarnation of Shadow and Light by S.A. Christianson

“If Six of Crows and The Atlas Six had a baby” – Rozanne Visagie

Welcome to the tour for An Incarnation of Shadow and Light by S.A. Christianson. Read on for more details!

An Incarnation of Shadow and Light
by S.A. Christianson (Author), Hester van Leusen (Illustrator)
September 20, 2022
Genre: NA Fantasy
Four magicians abuse their magic to gain power in a corrupt Victorian inspired world.

In the Kingdom of VerchiĆ©l only a handful of people known as Incarnate can use magic. Equally feared and respected, they are revered as saints and indulged like gods. But the sudden deaths of VerchiĆ©l’s rulers unleashes a power struggle between four Incarnate, each seeking power to fulfil their own desires.

Gabriel, a charismatic socialite who takes darker paths to avoid slipping back into powerlessness.

Zoe, the daughter of a disgraced merchant, determined to carve a new path for her life.

Niklas, an exiled prince trying to escape the ghosts of his past.

Silje, an assassin who will stop at nothing until she’s seized the adoration she has always been denied.

Infighting and betrayal run rampant as each becomes worse than their problems in order to solve them.
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About the Author

S.A. Christianson is a Canadian author. When she’s not writing about her many fictional characters, she works full time as a game developer.

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