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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Gaze Long Into the Abyss by Dalan Musson

From acclaimed Marvel’s Studio screenwriter comes a gorgeous debut, Gave Long Into the Abyss! Check out the new release and be sure to grab your copy today!

Gaze Long Into the Abyss
by Dalan Musson
June 18, 2023
Genre: Apocalyptic Dystopian
In Gaze Long into the Abyss, acclaimed Marvel Studios screenwriter Dalan Musson plunges us into a vivid but desolate world: An apocalypse has snatched away most of humanity; the ragged, remaining few are picking up the pieces. Was it the Rapture as revealed to St. John, or some other calamity of biblical proportions?

The Kid hears his calling: to find the source of the evil, and put an end to it. He seeks out the help of the Old Man—who, in his own time, traveled to the ends of the Earth and back, in his own vain quest to save the world. Together, they set off across a grim landscape populated by survivors turned brigands, bandits, and exhausted warring factions—all of them looking for answers that may have vanished when their loved ones did.

Written in spare, haunting prose that recalls Cormac McCarthy, Gaze Long into the Abyss is a classic tale of redemption and damnation, told by one of the foremost action-adventure craftsmen at work today.

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About the Author:
Dalan Musson is a former independent-circuit professional wrestler whose screenwriting credits include Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. This is his first novel.

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