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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Cherish Lively’s My Secret Obsession Podcast

This is the official launching of Cherish Lively’s My Secret Obsession Podcast. If you enjoy listening to novels, stop by the podcast and listen to Lexi Wells: Gift of Sight, a psychological thriller that will make your pulse race as Lexi goes on the hunt for a serial killer.

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Lexi Wells: Gift of Sight
by Karen Tjebben
June 26, 2023
Genre: GenreParanormal, Supernatural Thriller, Psychological Thriller
Lexi never considered her gift of sight anything but a curse until she is lured to a murder scene by a young, dead girl. Detective Evan Steele doesn't like working with others, especially ones who ruin his crime scene. Going against his gut and logic, he teams up with a medium who challenges everything he ever believed. Together they must stop the serial killer that is terrorizing New Sainte.
Kindle Unlimited

About the Author

Cherish Lively invites you to indulge in your secret obsession as she reads thrillers and spicy romance that will get your heart pounding with chills and thrills.


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