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Friday, November 10, 2023

99 Cents YA Sci-Fi: Worldcatcher by Casey Waldam

If you enjoyed Hunger Games, The 5th Wave, and Divergent you'll love Worldcatcher by Casey Waldam!


by Casey Waldam
January 2023
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/ Romance, space opera, dystopian
From the sun-drenched streets of Riverside to the chilling, unfathomable void of space, unfolds a tale of love, lost memories, interdimensional war, and the relentless search for identity.

Ben Kensi, a top high school basketball player, is haunted by dreams of a green-eyed girl wielding PSI powers. When tragedy strikes heartbreakingly close, he's cast into a realm beyond our galaxy. He soon finds himself aboard the flagship of a beleaguered human civilization from another dimension—the Alliance.

As he endures grueling training and stands on the precipice of war with the dreaded Acheron, pieces of Ben's obscured past collide with his reality. The mysterious green-eyed girl transitions from a figure in his dreams to a tangible link to a history rife with love, betrayal, and powerful PSI abilities.

Yet, with Earth's very survival at stake, revelations arise that shake the core of Ben's identity. Is he truly the savior foreseen to prevent interdimensional war, or is he just a pawn in a grander scheme? As destiny's crossroads near, Ben is forced to face the ghosts of his tormented past and determine his role in the looming cosmic conflict.

In "Worldcatcher", alliances waver, hidden truths surface, and the very fabric of reality becomes questionable. Dive into an epic interstellar journey where nothing is as it seems.

About the Author
Casey Waldam writes YA science-fiction novels that explore themes of love, strange worlds, and superheroes with PSI powers. Casey is best known for "Worldcatcher," her latest action-packed science-fiction thriller centered on love and redemption. It's available on Amazon.

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