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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Vampire Historical Fiction: Hot Berry Punch by Bradford Tatum

We're celebrating the release of Hot Berry Punch this week! Read on for more details!

Hot Berry Punch

by Bradford Tatum
Novembere 14, 2023
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Fantasy/ Vampires
Emma May Shinnecock grew up wild on the remote Western prairies in the 1820s. Left free to roam and learn from the nature surrounding her, Emma’s hunger for life drives her to flaunt formal conventions as she discovers the world around her. After embracing her first romantic liaison with a mysterious stranger, she is left with far more than a confusing introduction to love. She is now a Beguiler, a “blood thirster” with exciting new abilities and a deeper lust for life. But her condition comes with a steep price. For the Beguiler lures its victims by forcing Emma to appear to them as the lost loves they desire most. Can Emma ever be seen as she truly is? Or is she doomed to survive only by being what others want her to be? From her cunning role as a frontier town madam, to her flawed redemption as a preacher’s wife, to her passionate yet tragic life among a fringe clan of the Lakota, Emma’s quest to find love is a distinctly American twist on vampire lore you won’t soon forget.
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About the Author
Bradford Tatum’s award winning debut novel I Can Only Give You Everything was published in 2010. His second novel, Only the Dead Know Burbank was published by HarperCollins in 2016 and received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. His book Gray Matters has been used as a text book in various college business communication courses.

Bradford began his career as an actor appearing in numerous television shows and movies such as 20th Century Fox’s submarine comedy DOWN PERISCOPE, Disney’s POWDER and HBO’s WESTWORLD.

He was a staff writer for Dick Wolf on the NBC series DEADLINE and has written and directed two award winning independent features. He has won an Alfred P. Sloan grant for his written work as well as sold pitches to various production companies.

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