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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Excerpt: A Beast Within by Aidan Lucid + giveaway

A Beast Within
by Aidan Lucid
November 10th 2023
Genres: Adult, Horror
Have you experienced true terror? For three criminals, they’re about to face it head-on!

Fresh out of prison, Jeremy vows to steer clear of a life of crime and clean up his act. But he quickly realizes that to the world, he will always be an ex-con and plunges back into his old ways. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of his best friend, Stephen, and his spunky girlfriend, Natalie.

After a failed bank robbery, Jeremy and his accomplices’ identities are made. So, they find refuge in the home of a typical Christian family. Their getaway should have been smooth sailing…after all it was three armed criminals against the wholesome Boyd family.

But the Boyds are hiding dark secrets of their own…

Malcolm looked in his rear-view mirror at the car and its driver growing smaller by the second. “I feel bad about leaving him there.” He slowed to a stop, then shifted the stick into reverse.

“What are you doing? This is insane!” Helena protested as he reversed the Wagoneer.

“Yeah, but if anything happened to him, I’d never forgive myself. Besides, I can’t just drive past him.”

“Course you can. Just press the accelerator and go.”

He brought the Wagoneer to a halt a few feet from the Buick and yanked up the handbrake. “I won’t be long.”

“Malcolm. Malcolm!” Helena hissed as he got out.

The stranger stood staring at the front left wheel, not acknowledging Malcolm’s presence.

“Howdy, sir. Having car trouble?” he asked the chubby driver who appeared to be in his fifties.

“Got a flat. Can’t change it with my back.”

“I can do that if you like? Got a spare?”

“That’s mighty kind of you, fella. Uh . . . yeah, in the trunk.”

“Let me get my wrenching nut.” Malcolm opened his own trunk and took out the tool. He kneeled down and began unscrewing the nuts. “You from around here?”

“The next town a few miles ahead. You?”

“We live about three hours away. Hartford Town. Ever heard of it?”

“Never, sir. Thanks for doing this. I’m starvin’, I’m just waiting for my brother-in-law to come. Lazy bastard probably hasn’t even left the house yet.”

Malcolm chuckled. “Got one of those myself. Just don’t tell her I said that.”

“Yeah, God I’m hungry. Good thing you came along.”

As Malcolm continued to unscrew the nuts on the flat tire, he noticed the driver walk a short distance away from him. Next, he heard the cracking of bones and popping sounds, as if joints were being dislocated. Low grunts soon transformed into growls.

Malcolm turned to look at the man but stood up, his jaw hung in terror.

“What…the…fu—” he uttered while retreating slowly to the Wagoneer.

The stranger’s shoulders grew wider as his shirt tore. Black fur replaced the man’s chubby stomach.

“Holy crap!” Malcolm exclaimed.

The only reply he received was a quick snarl as the man turned around, no longer bearing a human face but a wolf’s instead. Sharp, yellowed teeth dripped with saliva.

Helena’s screams confirmed she saw it too.

“Hurry, Dad, get in,” David cried, as tears streamed down his pale face.

Malcolm threw the wrenching nut, hitting the beast on the forehead. It staggered back, shaking its head, momentarily dazed.

Malcolm dashed into the driver’s seat, his trembling hands fumbling for the keys. He jumped when the creature let loose a feral howl.

“Come on, start the damn car! David, honey, lock both doors and get down,” Helena said.

The werewolf started walking towards the driver’s door as the engine roared into life. As Malcolm pulled out onto the road, the beast ran after them, leaping into the air. A thud let them know he was on their roof.

“Oh, Christ. Lose him,” Helena shouted.

Malcolm let loose a few expletives as an enormous paw smashed into his window. He swerved left and right to throw the monster off. Malcolm then slammed the brakes.

The beast rolled forward, digging his claws into the metal to keep himself on the car. Malcolm feared that they were so sharp, if the werewolf reached the windshield, it would slice or tear off the roof.

“Crap,” cursed Malcolm as he drove again, unable to loosen the monster’s grip and knock it off.

The tormentor crawled up towards the windshield. When it was on the hood, the creature went on all fours. He reached back his arm, ready to smash into the glass.

“Oh no you don’t.” Malcolm slammed on the brakes again, catapulting the beast off the Wagoneer. When it hit the ground, the werewolf tumbled and rolled around before coming to a stop, its left arm bent out of shape.

All the Boyds stared on in disbelief. Helena glanced down at her skirt; shame washed over her face as a circular patch of urine soaked her crotch.

Malcolm gave another quick glance in the mirror. David’s face was whiter than normal, his eyes wide in horror. Malcolm grabbed his own right hand to stop it shaking.

They all jumped when the beast grunted again and raised its head, his bright green eyes locked menacingly on them.

About the Author:
Aidan Lucid began his author journey after a spiritual experience in 2002. Two years later, he sent several short stories, articles and poems to magazines and was published seven times that year. Having successfully completed courses in creative writing, writing for TV and radio, and freelance journalism, Lucid went on to have even more poems, articles and short stories appear in national and international magazines and anthologies over the years. Between 2019 and 2023, he published five books. Aidan is the author of a YA horror series titled, "The Hopps Town Series" and also a YA epic fantasy novel, - The Lost Son (Second Edition), the first in a YA fantasy quadrology - The Zargothian Saga. A few stand-alone stories have been released also. In his spare time, Aidan likes to listen to music (being a huge Elvis and Shakin' Stevens fan!), read, go for walks and see the latest cinema releases with his wife, Claire. 

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