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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Book Review: Dread: 22 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness) by Kevin Bachar

Dread:22 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness)

by Kevin Bachar
November 8, 2023
Publisher: Black Widow Press
ISBN: 9798864805282
A child died in an avalanche, and she won’t leave me alone.

A woman plagued by blood-draining mosquitoes on the Alaskan tundra figures out a horrific way to scratch her unending itching.

There’s something outside my tent…and I think it’s hungry.

A collector of rare tropical fish, receives a new species that is both fascinating and terrifying.

DREAD - Thousands of people have gone missing out in the wild and here is a collection of tales that offer up some horrifying reasons why. Emmy-award-winning National Geographic cinematographer Kevin Bachar has swum with sharks, climbed the peaks of mountains, and explored the darkest of forests. In DREAD, he weaves together terrifying true stories from his real-life adventures with twisted fiction from the depths of his frightening imagination. Flip open the pages to indulge in the dark side of nature— haunted forests, tree demons, monstrous snakes, and a search-and-rescue team terrorized by the ghosts of those they couldn’t save.

Read... if you dare.

These are mostly horror fiction stories, although one was more a fantasy/ghost story, “Working Like a Dog,” and I really enjoy this sweet tale, but the last story was one about Kevin himself, as he tried to get a new shoot for National Geographic, using Bigfoot for it. That one I really liked and think this would make a great nonfiction book, not just a short nonfiction. Many of his micro fiction was good, but there were those that ended too short or there wasn’t a definite ending.

If you like to get a feel about an author and how they write before tackling their novel, try a collection with different kinds of tales like this one to give you a taste of the author's many flavors.

I gave Dread:22 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness) 3 ½ sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney


About the author
I’m a national EMMY award-winning documentary filmmaker and WGA screenwriter. If you’ve watched National Geographic, PBS, or The Discovery Channel you’ve seen my work. I’m the idiot in the water filming sharks in murky water or vampire bats in pitch-black caves. But I sometimes like to leave the factual world behind and work in fiction.

The elevated horror film I wrote - The Inhabitant - was released through Lionsgate last fall and is available on Prime. A reviewer in The Guardian wrote - “...there’s a lot more finesse here in the telling of the backstory … and a sense of menace lurking around every corner in the bland suburban setting; together it evokes indie “elevated horror” features such as It Follows.”

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