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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Magician and the Misfit (Arcana of the Tarot #2) by Dana Fox

This enemies-to-lovers, portal fantasy looks amazing! Be sure to check out the Arcana of the Tarot duology by Dana Fox!

The Magician and the Misfit (Arcana of the Tarot #2)
by Dana Fox
August 2023
Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Portal Fantasy 
Street artist. Criminal. Misfit. 
Lux Dylan was used to wandering the streets of the Bay with her ragtag friends. She was used to all-nighters and loud music and run-ins with the police. But when a sudden death in her close circle uncovers a hidden betrayal, she must commit to a dark path if she is to find justice. She’s always been a bad girl, but is she bad enough for this? Magos the Magician is the Arcana of creation and skill. All the known world is his playland. Except he’s got quite a few problems. A prophecy haunts him. Ennui stalks him. And a Reversal—the worst threat to his kind—looms large. Overwhelmed, he escapes his realm for Earth through one of Arcana’s magic portals. When he emerges to find a crime in progress, he meets Lux, a reckless misfit who courts danger despite the odds stacked against her. Her creative, rule-breaking spirit calls to his own. Magos puts his journey on hold as Lux tempts him into the pleasures of mortal life. Play, work, art—all of it entices him. But when Lux crosses a member of the Order—a network of elites governing the world—Magos cannot stand idle anymore. A revolution is coming, and both Magos and Lux rise as agitators for the cause. In doing so, their hearts become inextricably bound. Together, they must confront what happens when you finally stop running and truly start living.

The Magician and the Misfit is an MF friends-to-lovers, grief/comfort urban fantasy romance inspired by tarot and featuring portals to a second-world realm.

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The Fool and the Sparrow (Arcana of the Tarot #1)
Spy. Fixer. Assassin.

As the top operative for a global shadow government known as the Order, Thea has served and protected the elite 1%. Her life changes suddenly when she escapes the Order with damning evidence of the group’s existence. Now she is on the run for her life, looking for a way to expose what she’s stolen. Fate intervenes when a fortuitous encounter with a tarot card reader leads her directly into the path of a divine being from another realm. Kit the Fool leaves the Arcana realm for Earth, following visions sent to him from his sisters, Fiona the Moon and Kathryn the High Priestess. As he accompanies Thea on her quest to expose the Order, he is thrust into a cat-and-mouse adventure that captivates his curious and impulsive nature. As does the Sparrow at his side. The stakes are raised even higher when he uncovers a threatening connection to his own people. Together, Thea and Kit set off to expose the nefarious Order, but along the way, the two find themselves tumbling headfirst into an attraction that defies cosmic logic. How will these two souls from very different worlds defeat the odds stacked against them?

The Fool and the Sparrow is the first book in the Arcana of the Tarot series. It is a fantasy romance packed with political intrigue and high heat, featuring a mythical being let loose in the mortal world and a weary heroine on a life-or-death mission.

About the Author
Dana Fox is a college professor by day, romance writer by night. She writes fantasy romance with magic, mystery, and melodrama. Learn more about her work at
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