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Monday, November 20, 2023

Pre-order Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi: Pacific State (Sundown Book 2) by Grant Price

Pacific State (Sundown Book 2)
by Grant Price
December 21, 2023
Genre: Cyberpunk/ Sci-Fi "A rip-roaring cyberpunk novel... it's definitely science fiction, but it's frighteningly plausible." -The San Francisco Book Review

On the streets of Berlin all morals can be bought for a price, and Owen Resler sold his long ago. Once an underground dissenter, now a corporate drone, he spends his days reluctantly manipulating data for Big Pharma. Across town, notorious gun-for-hire Mia Warsaw is putting together a team to assassinate one of the city's more unscrupulous business moguls and she needs someone to handle the ones and zeroes. When Warsaw crosses paths with an increasingly desperate Resler, she hands the former radical an ultimatum: he can either succumb to death by a thousand bureaucratic paper cuts or take a chance with her. Of course, there's no guarantee he'll survive that, either...

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About the Author
Grant Price is the author of three climate fiction novels set in the near future: By the Feet of Men (Cosmic Egg, 2019; submitted for consideration to the Arthur C. Clarke Award); Reality Testing (Black Rose, 2022; Kirkus Top 100 Novels 2021); Pacific State (Black Rose, forthcoming 2023). He lives in Berlin, Germany. 

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