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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dark Slayer, magic woman!

Dark Slayer, written by NYTBS author Christine Feehan, is the latest book in her Carpathian Novel Series. Oh my my, magic is abundant in this book; I think I became a witch while reading this book. As the sunny weather in California was eclipsed (Twilight Eclipse out on dvd now, just saying) with mysterious dark clouds containing a damp liquid substance. What do you call this? Rain? This must be the work of witchcraft! ;)

Dark Slayer follows the story of Ivory Malinov, the hot and sexy wolf girl who hangs out in the ice cold wilds with her pack of savage wolves. Betrayed by her own family, Ivory hides out in the woods with the only things she loves: her wolves. Driven by revenge, Ivory has one mission: to destroy her greatest enemy. As a Carpathian woman, Ivory is strong, confident, an awesome fighter and spell-caster; but in walks a man that throws a wrench in the whole deal. Her life-mate.

Razvan is a Dragonseeker (which I still have no idea what exactly that is), and is one smoking hot male who was held prisoner for centuries. He finally escapes, and flees into the ice cold icy mountain lands. Now starved and exhausted, Razvan lay on his deathbed, but he was found and saved just in the nick of time by a very reluctant Ivory. It's not everyday you meet your life-mate, and Ivory is in no way happy about meeting hers. The once recluse is now forced to interact with a male and bring him back to her super secret lair.

If you like spells and magic, this book will be a great fit for you. Tons of exciting action to compliment the magical spells that run a steady beat throughout the story line. The down side was NO romance of any kind until about page 250. No build up, no kiss kiss action. Nada! At the very minimum I like a constant flirtation in myromance novels. While this one lacked in that department for a while, it did make up in the action and suspense areas.

This was my first read from this author and while it was not my usually cup of tea, I would recommend it to others. Bloodsucking sexy Carpathian males fighting dark forces is always a point winner in my book. Glad I found this author and looking forward to upcoming books. :)


3 and 1/2 spell casting sheep


  1. I read the first two books in her Shadow Force series and those were entertaining

  2. This one was too....just very lacking in the romance department for far far to long. And almost overkill on the magic...but thats just my opinion. :)

    Still, a very fun read.