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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Play of Passion, wolf pack sexy?

Play of Passion by NYTBS author Nalini Singh is the latest installment in her Psy-Changeling series. While not a big fan of werewolves and shape-shifters in general, I really enjoyed this steamy novel. *howls to the moon*

In Play of Passion we follow the stories of Indigo Riviere and Drew Kincaid. Indigo is the high ranking dominant Lieutenant with the reputation of being cold as ice. She takes her position amongst her clan very seriously and very rarely allows any males skin privileges. [aka snuggles and cuddles] But with an unseen enemy attacking the pack, she is forced to work with fellow den male Drew; and for me that would be a delightful pleasure.

Drew is the sex-in-spades Tracker of the SnowDancer wolf pack: carefree and playful with his fellow brothers and sisters, craved by the ladies for his master skills in the sack. Although his job is all business and one that only he can do, as he has the powerful skills necessary. Drew may not be ranked as one of the Lieutenants, but he is all alpha male. While the sexy male is head over heels for Indigo, she would rather be with someone older and high ranking as she is herself. Can her wolf accept the male her body is craving? Does the younger male have a shot at melting the ice wall she surrounds herself in? Have to read to find out. :)

Previous characters make a reappearance in Play of Passion. Introduction of new characters and ongoing build up with others. I can't wait for the next novel to come out! Nalini gives her characters an authentic appeal and continues to thicken the plot line, while not drawing it to far. I loved this book and I highly recommend it. Vamp free but wolf sexy!

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  1. I read one short story set in this setting and loved it, so will give this series a try one day.

  2. I too will have to give this series a try at some point in many great litle t i m e ! Enticing review Katie!
    Love, Mom