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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nocturne... just another night for me

Nocturne, written by the talented Syrie James, fell a little flat for me. It had an awesome stage for the story. Two attractive strangers snowed in, stuck in a beautiful cabin with mountain views, horses to take them on moonlit rides and a botanical garden that seems like a fairytale.

Michael is a sexy recluse with more mystery than any one girl should be able to handle. Nicole is a beautiful, smart and witty woman who has just enough curiosity to get her into trouble. Together the two definitely have a dynamic between them, but because they are the only characters that you meet in the story, I felt they were missing the depth that comes from their interactions with other people, especially ones that they aren't attracted to.

It was a typical vampire love story. He's attractive, she's unresistable and they both eventually give in. This is usually a very enjoyable storyline, but Nicole and Michael gave in so fast and fall in love so quickly that I felt like I missed the part where they actually fall for each other. In just two short days they claimed to be head over heels for each other, wanting to spend forever together. I know that love happens in different ways for everyone but this just didn't seem plausible to me.

The last ten pages of this story was the only saving grace because it's not your typical Hollywood ending. The book was well written, with a good concept for the story but I felt like it needed more. More action, more love, more characters... just something more. It's with a slightly disappointed sigh that I give 3 sheep



  1. Nice review. :) I will have to check this one out. Good job

  2. Amber - It IS hard for one or two characters to carry our interest during the course of an entire book, movie, or play. It CAN be achieved - but it has to be extremely compelling. SOME sort of antagonist usually is needed (either by person or situation)...
    Anyway, good to know the last 10 pages are a surprise! Keep up the honest reviews!
    Katie's Mom