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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interview with author Mike Duran 12/20/2010

Amber and I have often wondered why no males have yet to interview with us. Are we a little nuts? Yes. Do we tend to be a little on the dramatic side? Duh. Can we be just a tad overwhelming? Okay, I think you all get the idea. We wondered who would be the first man to step up to the women of I Smell Sheep, who would be able to handle the sheer feminine greatness, the shock and awe that we ensue. lol

Well, we have found that brave male, and his name is Mike Duran, whose debut novel The Resurrection comes out February 1st. I had a chance to read an early copy of the book and let me just say, holy ghost it was gooooood. :)

Make sure to come back on Monday the 20th to check out the interview. Leave a comment and be entered for a chance to win:

A signed copy of The Resurrection
Graveyard Gummy Candy
Skull Pen
Angel Candle puter outer thing-e (it's really cute trust me)

Tune in next week folks same baaat-time, same baaat-place!

Sheep Singing Carols;
Amber, Katie and Richard
"because Woodchuck's can't be trusted"

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  1. Looking forward to this interview and would love a chance to win The Resurrection.