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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Warrior's Way, cowboys and ninjas! :)

The Warrior's Way written and directed by Sngmoo Lee stars Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth and Danny Houston. While the love story aspect of the film ran a little cold for me the over all movie was quite enjoyable. Ninjas and Cowboys fighting it out? Oh yes please! :)

Warrior assassin Yang (Dong-gun) can not kill the final living member of a rival clan, A newborn baby girl, So he goes rogue and has to hide out from his fellow clan members. His new path leads him to America where he sets out to find a new life. Can he be anything else when killing is all he knows?

The whole movie is basically done with a green screen background. While I usually hate when that's done in movies, it worked well with the whole overall feel this film. Visually-stunning. I mean of course ninjas don't just leap out of the water 10 feet in the air. duh. Still, a fun movie and the kind of action you expect to see in a super cheese film. Let me tell you, the cheese kept coming.

Traveling to a city in the wild west our assassin ends up hiding out in a dead-end-run-down town. Circus Freaks? Awesome! Enter sexy town girl.....annnnnd start icing any possible chemistry. (some men have no game when it comes to the ladies) I get that the guy's a ninja and that's all he knows, but if the movie is trying to tack on the whole love part then they need to deliver that. You can't try and sell us on things that just aren't there. Oh wait Hollywood CAN and DOES. Silly me I forgot. :P

Bloody and violent, so if cheese and gory films are not your thing you will want to pass on this one. BUT if you're like me and you love some cheese with a big helping of ninja, then go see this film. :)

Getting 4 ninja sheep! waaaaa-baaaaaa


  1. this is my kind of movie! Can't wait to see it :)

  2. The storyline is great. The movie is well directed. The acting of all was SUPERB. There was suspense, humor, sadness, and love. The movie is moving with constant pace...loved it :-))