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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Francis Ford Coppola new film and The Bat Guy

Not long ago I took a trip up north to my Mom's house in Nice, CA. Wine Country baby! While I was there she mentioned to me that Francis Ford Coppola had recently been in the area shooting his newest film. Coppola's film, titled Twixt Now and Sunrise, is described as "suspense with horror undertones" due to release later this year. Notable actors such as Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Ben Chaplin all hold key roles. In a recent interview Val said this about his part in the film:

“It’s a Halloween extravaganza. There’re dogs and vampires. I play a writer who’s something like [author] Mario Puzo, or at least how Francis describes Puzo‘s experience where he wrote The Godfather while he was waiting for inspiration for his masterpiece. My character is a guy who tossed off this book about witches, and it became a big deal, and now he’s known as doing these silly witch books and he’s on hard times now looking for inspiration.”

At this point in film production, specific details remain vague. However, knowing such a big-name director was filming in my Mom's small town, I couldn't resist seeking out first-hand information about this exciting film. The first stop I made was to John's, aka The Bat Man's, shop where Coppola filmed for a few days. According to my sources, aka "Mom", Bruce Dern is playing the part of a sheriff whose side job is selling bat houses. I took a look around John's shop and immediately feel in love with the rustic look and hand-made houses that he creates.

Our Sheep had a blast too! John's a down to earth guy who was pretty thrilled to have the cast and crew filming on his propriety his place. They seemed to like it just the way he had everything set up, didn't change much. We talked for a while about all the different experiences he had with the cast and crew, the best moment for him being able to just sit and chatting with Coppola for a few hours. Coppola owns a winery in Napa, so he knows the area pretty well and it's no wonder he headed to nearby Nice for a filming location.

I am looking forward to watching Doc Holiday (Kilmer) back on the big screen. After MacGruber I can only hope this movie will put him back at the top where he belongs. If you would like to find out more about John and his bat/bird houses head out to Nice, CA
where you will find him at 3527 E. Hwy 20! :)

Plastic Fang Teeth not required, but highly recommended!



  1. Vampires & Val Kilmer? Yeah, I'm in!

    Bat houses!?! Oh that is so awesome! We have bats that hang out in the bushy/tree thingies (love my technical terminology) around our house, and I would so love to get them a bat house hee-hee!

  2. That bat place looks really cool!

  3. @Joleene You should have seen all the different ones he had. Just amazing. I was trying to talk him into doing a website but I don't know when/if that will happen. For now you have to be there in person to get one. :)

    @McPig It really was. Very rustic but such a down to earth guy

  4. Great write up! John's place is special...his collection of bat and bird houses along with cool benches and other artistic wood creations are really fun!
    I can hardly wait to see the movie!!!

    Katie's Mom

  5. I really like the article you wrote about this bat house guy and although Francis Coppola has named his business "The Bat House", it"s really called "The Woodpecker" and the owner is called Bat Man occasionally, but really likes to be called "John The Woodpecker" He has over 400 bird houses on display, a few dozen bat houses, an assortment of garden furniture, etc. all made from recycled old lumber and junk. He lives in the old house surrounded by his creations, and is open most of the time. He is also working on a website being designed by Coppola's Art Director Jimmy Demarcelli, and has organic fruit trees in his garden.

  6. @Anonymous Yes John was a very nice guy, I loved everything he had going on at his place. Was really neat. :) I hope more people will check him out..soon. Thanks for the comment and glad to see some Lake County love come our way. xoxo

  7. You can buy his stuff online. John has an Etsy shop:

  8. Francis Ford Coppola's well known movies The Godfather Parts I and II circulated on AMC on Thanksgiving Day.

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