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Monday, April 4, 2011

WonderCon 2011-Elvira

WonderCon 2011 was this nerdy girl's orgasmic dream come true! Hosted in San Fransisco, the 25th Anniversary of the convention was everything we could have hoped for and more. Amber, Richard, myself and my very good friend Mike were in attendance. While Mike is not "officially" a part of I Smell Sheep he does contribute behind the scenes with his kick butt camera skills and all around awesomeness. :) We will have lots of posts coming up over the next week or so thanks to WonderCon, plenty of exciting news and interviews.

Starting off with one of my personal favorites, the lovely Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
Mistress of the Dark. Cassandra came in full costume as her wickedly vampish character; full hair and makeup brought me back to the 80's when I first fell in love with this icon. Cassandra was attending WonderCon to do some photo ops, answer fan questions and sign autographs so I made sure to shake my furry butt over to her area so I could meet this wonderful lady in the flesh.

Elvira looked great, smelled great and was an overall class act. A real professional who took a few moments to chat with fans as they stopped by. Mike and I got a few photos as you can see. In addition she also signed a photo personally to the Sheep site! How cool is that?! While posing with Elvira for our picture I asked if she would mind the sheep being with us and she said:

"Well, that's a new one. *insert laugh* I have been asked to do many strange things but that IS a first."

Then she smiled a very wicked smile at me and posed for our photo. At this point I kinda wanted to faint, or pee myself or maybe both. lol

The rumor mill has it that Elvira will be making a comeback doing some live tapings for my local Nor Cal TV Station
KOFY TV 20. No info yet on WHEN that will be happening, or how many other stations will carry it, but my guess would be over the next few months or so. As I get more details I will pass them on to all of you. :)

So what do think of Elvira? Ever watch her
Late Night Movie Macabre or Hammer House of Horror TV show, maybe something else? Love to hear from all of you.

Sheep Out.


  1. She looks wonderful as ever (you're looking dashing as usual with your vampire necklace)- love the autograph haha So jealous!! XD

  2. @My Cherry Darling you could see the necklace?! lol Good eyes! Elvira was a real gem, so happy to have this pic and the experience. You better drag your cute butt out here next year missy! You do not want to miss the Con!

  3. What a great experience for you, Katie, congratulations! I love that signed photo. I got a chance to meet Cassandra when she was filming All About Evil here in San Francisco and Fangoria had me on set assignment. I even ended up in as background talent in that film!

  4. @Maya and Sharon

    Thanks so much! I did feel like a lucky dog...or sheep if you will. lol

    Maya I am jealous you got to be in a film with her! :)