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Monday, April 18, 2011

*Interview with author Caris Roane 4/26/2011*

Ben and I recently got a chance to chat with author Caris Roane and talk about her new series World of Ascension. This was the first interview for Ben and we definitely raked him over the coals! He can thank us for it later. ;)

We had a really great discussion with Caris and she revealed all the great details about her new book. Let me tell you, plenty of hunky winged vampires are in the future for all of us!

Also, for our faithful readers, without whom we would be naught, we have a special prize for one of our lucky readers! (portion of the prize pack shown here)

A signed copy of Ascension and Burning Skies, a rare and valuable Vampire PEZ Dispenser, silver Wing earrings and brand-new sheep pencils. All the cool kids are using them!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for our interview! Same baaat-time, same baaat-place!

Much Sheep Love;
Amber, Katie, Richard and Ben


  1. I want to read these books. I am new to the romance blog world and ya'll have just given me great new authors to read. You do so much for us readers, I wish we could do something special for you. BTW the pez dispencer is awesome. It would look great on my

  2. @Michelle Thanks so much! We live to serve. *takes a bow* Leaving comments and following the blog is the best thing you can do for us. :) We love you right back!

    See you next week? :)

  3. I hadn't heard of Caris Roane till I found your blog.OH MY WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING!!!Thanks you.Without your blog I wouldn't know Sheep but now look out!!!
    Thanks and please toss my name in the hat for this awesome contest.Your Loyal Follower!!!

  4. Is it Tuesday yet? I am impatiently waiting...LOL
    Loves ya

  5. Almost time. Just a few hours away! :)