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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Neon Graveyard by Vicki Pettersson

And why you should read the Signs of the Zodiac series

Once she was a soldier for the Light, the prophesied savior who would decide the outcome of the eternal conflict raging unseen in the dark corners of her glittering hometown. Now, Joanna Archer is just another mortal -- still born of an impossible union of Shadow and Light . . . still hunted by both -- and carrying the unborn child of a lover held captive by a depraved demon goddess. Joining forces with a band of rogue Shadow agents, Joanna's ready to storm the stronghold of her demonic foe. She risks everything to enter this ghastly, godforsaken realm where the price of admission is her eternal soul. Because in a world that has stripped her of her power, identity, and fortune, Joanna has nothing left to lose -- except her baby, her future, and the epic war poised to consume the city.

This is the 6th and last book in the Signs of the Zodiac series. There isn’t much point in reviewing the actual book, if you have read the first 5 books in this series, then you *will read this one. You have to! No one who has watched Pettersson, tear down Joanna Archer, then build her up just to tear her down again throughout this series would want to miss the conclusion to this dark, completely captivating and gut wrenching Urban Fantasy!

It has been almost a year since I read the 5th book (Cheat the Grave) and I had forgotten why I love this series so much. When I started reading The Neon Graveyard, I was swept back into one of the most original, darkest and well written UFs out there.

So instead of talking about The Neon Graveyard and possibly spoiling an ending that has been 4 years in the making, I will tell you why you should start reading the Signs of the Zodiac series. To truly enjoy this series you must start with the first book.

I remember, vividly, reading the first pages of the The Scent of Shadows (book #1). It was the first time a book grabbed me so quickly and completely, and it was then I realized I loved dark UF. The world of the Zodiac is intelligent and clever, and certainly isn’t light reading. I cried and cussed at Ms. Pettersson (in my head ) for how she treated poor Jo Archer! But that is what this series is about.

Joanna is suddenly thrust into a secret world where a battle rages between the Shadow and the Light, and both sides feel she is the key to their success. She experiences extraordinary love and devastating loss as both sides try to control her fate. She struggles with the discovery that maybe she isn’t meant to be with either side, but somewhere in the gray. In a world where there can only be Shadow or Light where does that leave her?

Another reason to read this series is the writing, Vicki Pettersson is a damn fine writer. Her books contain fighting action, suspense, dark humor and are emotionally packed. For those who care, it is expertly written from the first person POV.

Here some examples of her writing from The Neon Graveyard:

Blackness, pure and raw as a midnight grave.
That was my first though. My second?
Shoulda brought a lighter.

I shook my head, utterly serious, cutting out his laughter. He needed to hear me on this. “You don’t understand. I will not love you gently, Hunter.”
“No?” The honeyed softness in his gaze hardened. After a moment, I realized it was done in challenge. “Then how will you love me, Jo?”
Recklessly, I thought, holding that steady gaze. With a rampaging heart, I decided, narrowing my own eyes. “Like a bull loves red.”

The Signs of the Zodiac series
The Scent of Shadows
The Taste of Night
The Touch of Twilight
City of Souls
Cheat the Grave
The Neon Graveyard

I give The Neon Graveyard and the whole series 5 sheep!


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