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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Song For My Mother

A Song For My Mother, by author Kat Martin, is a story about healing and connection. It's about letting go of the past and finding something much more important. A heart warming story with a romance flavor, I think this book would make a great present for Mom this Mothers' Day. :)


Years after running away with her boyfriend in her junior year of high school, Marly Hanson returns to Dreyerville at the request of her daughter, Katie. Katie has recently been treated for brain cancer and has never met her grandmother, Marly's mother, Winnie. But Marly and Winnie have been estranged for years and confronting the past for each of them is painful. The homecoming is bittersweet, but revisiting the conflict between them is crucial if Marly and her mother are ever to find the bond they shared before Marly left Dreyerville.

To complicate matters, living next door to Winnie is handsome sheriff and widower Reed Bennett, and his son, Ham, who is close to Katie's age. Ham and Katie become fast friends, while their parents find their attraction to one another going deeper than mere friendship. But Marly's time in Dreyerville is limited and risking her heart isn't something she's willing to do.

As the days slip past and she tries to avoid it, Marly and Reed become more deeply involved. Can she risk loving the handsome sheriff and give up the the future she worked so hard to forge for herself and her daughter? Can she make a life in Dreyerville after what happened all those years ago?

Will Marly finally realize that her true destiny and ultimate happiness lie in coming to terms with her past?

Not only did I LOVE that the wonderful name "Katie" was used in this book, it was well written and dealt with real life issues that plague all of us in one form or another. Kat Martin's website is also running a fun contest right now with the winner(s) receiving a sterling silver heart shaped locket! Follow the link: to easily enter the contest running until May 15th.Then run out and grab this book for the special lady in your life. :)

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