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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What to get your Supernatural Lover for Christmas

Katie and I were talking about all our favorite sexy supernatural lovers (I know, right? who would have thought <G>) any way...we came up with some gift ideas to help you guys out.

Katie made me use this image <G>
Vampire Lover:
Band Aids – always good to have some on hand for those quickies when he might not have time to properly lick the bite closed.
Twilight book set – come on, the expression on his face would be priceless!
Ipod – for those times he wakes up early, but can’t leave the coffin yet. Load it up with some mood music so he comes out ready for loving!
Baby wipes/travel stain remover – for cleaning up when things get messy ;)
Mouth wash – while he might like the taste of blood, you don’t!
Cross necklace - cause anyone who buys into that is asking to get bitten
Teeth Whitening Strips – cause bloodstained teeth are so 90's
String of Garlic – for a laugh and will come in handy if you are making pizza
Sun block (100SPF) – well, duh!
Cape – Sexy and he can use it to hide both of you during some of those quickies;)
Sharpening Stoneno one likes dull fangs.

Shifter Lover:
Brush – matted hair = NOT winning
Shampoo/conditioner – to keep his mane smooth and silky, maybe with frizz control
Shock Collar – have you seen them when they shift?!
I Was A Teenage Werewolf movie – for a good laugh and everyone loves Michael J Fox!
Nail file – can you say “ouch!”
pedi/mani gift certificate – most shifters are very self conscience of their claws.
Teeth Whitening strips – so they can gleam in the moonlight (swoon)
Band aids – not needed as often if he uses the nail file!
A Headband – keeps the hair out of his eyes while working out.
Flea Medication – a pretreatment every month will save him from any embarrassing moments.
Floppy Frisbee – for playing catch
Nose Hair Trimmers – nose hair...NOT sexy

Zombie lover:
I know what you are thinking, Why? Different strokes for different folks, guys. Even zombies need lovi'n...

Duct tape – a quick fix for those embarrassing moments when something falls off.
Sewing kit/suture kit – for permanent fixes
Breath mints – well, duh!
Refrigerator – he can sleep in it and slow down the rot.
Ground meat – for a snack on the go!
Air Freshener -for when you have to go out in public
Zombieland movie – for a good laugh
Hoveround – if your zombie is a shambler, this will let him keep up with you.

Got any other ideas to share with us?


  1. I did not FORCE you to post the pick of Edward. *shakes head* I mean come on holding you at gun point is not forcing at all! lol

  2. I cannot believe you forgot the body glitter stocking stuffer - all the shiny colors and sparkles. Still time to head on over the the local store to pick some up missy

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