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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What do ewe think?

We have a little survey to help us improve the blog. Please take the time to help us out, if you don't Baaart will cry...don't make Baaart cry...

The site has grown, but our staff has shrunk! (damn aliens) Right now Katie and I are the only permanent reviewers. Thank the Sheep we have some fabulous guest reviewers: Buni Darling, Gef Fox, Pamela Kinney, and Ellis Carrington who contribute comic reviews, but they are busy with their own blogs/books and what not. We would like to add one or two reviewers who could contribute 3-4 times a month. We are an eclectic blog so anything that falls in the paranormal genre counts: movies, books, comics, music... we will be able to provide many comics and books through authors/publishers especially if you have an ereader.

If you are interested and willing to be occasionally abducted by aliens or want more information, contact us at flockparty at hotmail dot com.

Alien Sheep Experiment Card
Alien Sheep Experiment Card by MDKgraphics
View Square sheep Cards online at zazzle

We would like to keep the smell fresh around here. We have a few regular features and then our reviews. We would appreciate your thoughts on our content. What should we change, keep the same, or add? Is there something other blogs provide that we don't? We don't do memes, but would that be something we should add?

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  1. answered ^^ but i'm really already very happy with how you are doing ^^

    1. thanks! We just don't want to get predictable with our content. Everyday we want people to think "I wonder what they hell they will be doing today"

  2. I like the "more silly shit". :D

  3. I think you already do a great job. Thanks for creating a great place to come and find more books to add to my TBR mountain. :D

  4. I already love the blog as it is. Even though I don't read many of the comics or movie reviews (not my interest), I do love everything book related. Especially your interviews, which are the best in all of the world and beyond.

  5. I do send some of the emails with movies or comics to my boyfriend, who does not read your blog, but who loves movies and comics ;)

  6. Betcha can't tell which survey was mine - nee ner, nee ner, nee ner . . . . :)

  7. I think you're doing great! Always have me laughing! Love silly shit so keep it coming!