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Saturday, June 8, 2013

ConCarolinas 2013: Introduction

ConCarolinas May 31-June 2, 2013

Charlotte Hilton University Place - Charlotte, NC
check out the mascot CeeCee this year!
ConCarolinas is a general multi-genre multi-media convention. We called ourselves a sci-fi convention but in truth we cover all speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy and horror. It hosts a variety of fandom related events and guests, including gaming, discussion panels, costume events, music events like Klingon Karaoke, charity auction, SCA events, fan groups like the 501st Legion, Starfleet, and Klingon Assault Group, and something different every year.

Guests of Honor 
Wolfgang Baur Gaming Guest of Honor
Cat Faber Filk Performance Guest of Honor
Tom Fleming Art Guest of Honor
Mikey Mason Music Performance Guest of Honor
Kandyse McClure Film/Media Guest of Honor
Timothy Zahn Writer Guest of Honor

Special Guests  
Straight Outta Comicon Comedy Performance Special Guest
Bill Blair Film/Media Special Guest
Jason Carter Film/Media Special Guest
Rich Molinelli Art Special Guest
Aaron S. Rosenberg Writer Special Guest

This was my second visit to ConCarolinas and once again I had a blast! The convention staff and host hotel staff were polite and helpful. I live nearby so I didn't get a room and therefore can't comment on the rooms, but I didn't hear any complaints. While ConCarolinas isn't the biggest con in the South East it makes up for it in quality. There are plenty of opportunities to hobnob with your favorite actors/authors and other guests and a high percentage of fans dress up in costume, which is one of the best features at any convention. There is an intimate and relaxed feel to it and everyone from guests to attendees have this convention as a must attend. If you have never been to a convention this would be an excellent one to try.

If you are thinking of going next year you better register (here) as soon as you are able because the guest author is going to be George R.R. Martin (yeah, as in Game of Thrones!). Be sure to sign up for their newsletter or Facebook page so you don't miss out. 

Baaart and I interviewed authors Joe Naff, James R. Tuck and John Hartness, sat in on some panels, went to lunch with Faith Hunter's Beast Claws street team, and attended the costume contest, which my daughter "the white trash zombie" was in. I will have a bunch of posts spread over the next 3 days so be sure to stay tuned to the 
same BatKlingon time same BatKlingon channel!
Klingon, Batman, Concarolinas, costume, image

costume contest
just a few of the entries
(I hang my head in shame at the quality of my pictures from the con. My camera battery died and I am obviously not iPad camera proficient)
the judges included Jason Carter, Bill Blair, Kandyse McClure (not pictured)
Roland Deschain (Dark Tower) Dr. Who and sexy Tardis
a ncr army vetern ranger and a female Jack Sparrow
 Pokemon and white trash zombie (AKA my daughter Ren Stogner)
 these are characters from Stargate (I think)
 female Thor
Legend of Zelda! These guys won the best over all with their handmade costumes.

There is a charity auction too! This year money was raised for (click on logo to go to site)
I don't have the total raised just yet, but this handmade Dr. Who scarf went for $200! I Smell Sheep donated a Dani Harper tote bag full of great books and a basket with fun stuff, Sheep swag and swag from over 100 of our favorite authors! It went for a total of $80.
There are a ton of people involved in putting together such a great con. I want to give a special shout out to Jada Diaz the ConCom Chair. She was everywhere! She is super nice and very accessible prior too the con for any questions I had.
Jada Dian, Concarolinas, image, convention
This is Art Special Guest Rich Molinelli. He created the cool Zombie CeeCee design for 2013. I got my shirt.

Later today there will be a post about some of the cool people I met.


  1. I am so looking forward to my virtual visit to this con through your posts. What a treat and thank you for all your efforts - my only question, what think you about female Thor - should it be Thorette o_O :)

    1. thanks Denise. I had a great time. Thorette is good. I am pretty sure she won the professional division of the costume contest.

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks so much for this nice write up. And I loved your daughter's costume!


  3. Sharon, I was the lucky winner of the basket of awesome. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating it. =) This was my second trip to ConCarolinas and my families first. The hotel was awesome, and special needs friendly. (We were the people with the little girl in the wheelchair who is on oxygen.) Your donation was the first I have heard of this blog, and I am now appropriately following you. LOL Glad you had a blast, and I look forward to seeing you next year.


    1. OMG! Thank you :) so glad you liked it. Tried to make it reflect our site you, know with lots of crazy sauce. I will be there next year (and maybe my site partner Katie who sent a bunch of stuff for the basket) introduce yourself! If you spend time on Facebook join our group there. We have lots of fun and serve moon pies and Kool aid. But look out for the dragon Jake. He lives in our dungeon. :)

    2. I did join the FB group and followed you on Twitter along with following the blog via Friend Connect. I am a "swag hag" so the author goodies found a place in my heart and collection. The other goodies have my son so tickled he is mad bc I haven't let him play yet. (gotta go through and take pics, then he can play.) Next time, if you have time, you need to come to the "erotic" panel (titled "talk sex" panel this year" I am an avid supporter of authors and I gathered swag along with throwing in goodies I paid for along with adult goodies (there was a rainbow lollipop from the adult store.) I put it all in a bag and donated the "Bag of Awesomeness" for the panel to give away to one lucky audience member. I will have to figure out how to top myself. LOL

  4. Even if a bit hazy, love the pics!!! Your daughter did a great job dressing up (some of the pics you put on facebook are amazing, the makeup job!!). Sounds like a fun con!

    1. Thanks! She loves to dress up like that. I could kick myself for the camera battery dying. It really is a great con. The perfect size. I will be going to Authors After Dark con in Aug. squee!

  5. the third picture is a ncr army vetern ranger i know cause thats me :)

    1. cool! thanks for letting me know. I will get that fixed in the post :)