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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sheep Comic Review: D.O.Z.D. It Begins + giveaway!

D.O.Z.D. Department of Zombie Defense: It Begins
Issue #1
Storyline and Author: Shaun Hayes
Illustrator: Kip Mussatt

As the title would suggest, issue one is more about laying the ground work for any upcoming books to follow this book. “It Begins” opens up with our group of heroes just doing their normal job of you, taking down terrorist…nothing big or anything. The event and the fact that’s it’s one of the guys’ last day on the field with them brings them together and it’s nice that they throw in some banter and what have you to give a sense of the group of men and their bond. The men are celebrating the day, tossing back a few, when *dun dun dun* unbeknownst to our heroes all hell is quickly breaking loose at the jail and they have to report back to work to help out with the riots at the jail. 

So this is how it begins and the events quickly escalate from there; the story moves at a solid pace and there’s a nice amount of guns, blood, and hey! Even some undead dudes! What more could you want!? I would say more zombies but like I said, this issue is about laying the ground work so I’m sure further issues will have plenty of zombie butt kicking going on. I think for the DOZD's first venture out, this is a solid effort and also I enjoyed guessing which character was which guy from D.O.Z.D. 

Overall I give Issue #1 “It Begins” 3 zombie sheep heads

Guest Reviewer: Bunni Darling 

To find out more about the D.O.Z.D you can check out their website HERE


In honor of the zombie theme, we have a fun giveaway of 'winners choice' t-shirt. (Size M, L XL) Plus zombie stickers, zombie hunting license and sheep swag! 
Leave the following in the comments below to enter. 

1. Your email address
2. Do you follow us? Let us know and get double entries! 
3. Your best friend turns into a zombie, what would you do? 
Contest is open to US only 
Ends July 5th 2013


  1. We'd have discussed things like that happening a long time ago and we'd given each other the "kill me quick" order.

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    3. Your best friend turns into a zombie, what would you do? -- ROFLMAO seriously? There is even any option? DOUBLE TAB, and have a viking funeral, a very quiet one!

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    Run as fast as I can.

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  5. I am email subscriber. I would have to kill my friend then. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  6. I lock them up somewhere safe until things get under control and hope for a cure so I don't have to put them down. If there isn't one, I'll have to kill them :/ Thank you!

    GFC: Tiffany Drew

  7. I guess I would have lock my friend up somewhere and try to find a cure. Unless they tried to bite me, then it would be a whole different story and I would have to take them out, LOL.
    Btw, my nephew would love this! I would have to give this to him if I won :)

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  8. I subscribe by email. My email is .. and if my best friend turned into a zombie I would do whatever it took to find him a cure and save him!

  9. Well see if I was a zombie, I would want to be put down immediately and I really think my BFF would be of the same mind. So bring on the machete, 357 mag, tent pole, or what ever is handy and it is all she wrote. Carl aint got nuthin on me ;=D Sheeply stalker bloglovin Denise Zaky.

  10. 1. Meljprincess AT aol DOT com
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    3. I'd find it necessary to use my machete on him/her. :-)

  11. I just Heard of you guys threw my friend who know I love zombies :)
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    If my best friend turned into a zombie Bullet to the head is what they would get they would only try to come after you an kill you so you have to kill them first. I have already told my friends if I turn into a zombie please get rid of me lol

  12. Thank you for reviewing our comic book. If there is no cure and my best friend became infected, I would attempt to neutralize the infection by cuttng off the affected limb. If that was unsuccessful [or he was bit on the neck or abdomen] and the infection continued to spread, he would become a threat to the survival of our group and humanity as a whole. I would have no choice but to destroy his brain and burn the corpse. He would do the same for me. It would be difficult and I would miss him greatly but if he is infected and in turn infects the group, what was the point of fighting and surviving? Then just imagine our group infects another group and so on until there are no more humans.

    Colonel Josh Heilner

    1. I would expect nothing less from you! :) Thanks for the review copy and can't wait to see/read what you all have next.

  13. Your best friend turns into a zombie, what would you do? I would have to take them out. I know I would want my friends or family to put me out of my misery. I just couldn't let anyone I care for run around like that.

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  14. Hi! How fun! Great sounding book! My best friend? Id tell her i loved her and then run in the other direction! Yikes! lol All my friends probably just ran away from me.
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    I'd lock her in some type of cell so I could feed her raw meat and talk to her still while hoping for some type of cure to be found! ;)


  16. This contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered and the DOZD for giving us a review copy. :)

    The winner is: Christina

    You have been contacted and have 5 days to respond.

    Stick around everyone more winning to come and lots more zombie goodies to go around!!! baaaaa