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Sunday, June 9, 2013

ConCarolinas 2013 James Tuck interview

see? fluffy, right?
Katie and I interviewed urban fantasy author James R. Tuck at DragonCon last year and I was thrilled to find him at ConCarolinas. I caught him for a few moments between panels. And like the interview dork I have been all day I didn't get any pictures of him! Just picture a big tattooed mountain of fluffiness... without hair <G>

Sharon: Is this your first time at Concarolinas?
James: It is not, this is my second year. 

Sharon: and why did you come back?
James: Because I had a blast last year. So I wanted to come back. This is on my to do list of cons.

Sharon: so from now on we can expect to see you here?
James: yeah, I may take a year off, depends.
Sharon: George Martin will be here next year…
James: I know, but I don’t read that.
Sharon *whispers, I don’t either*
James: I watch the show.
Sharon: I don’t even do that!
James: no? lot of naked people on that show 

*I have no idea why James would think naked people would appeal to me… no idea at all… *

Sharon: What do you like about this con compared to others you've been too?
James: It is a very writer friendly convention. And I know almost everybody here. By the end of the con I will know everyone.
Sharon: It is a small con so there is a lot of face time you get with authors and since lots of the authors know each other the panels can be pretty funny.
James: much more of a friendly convention.

Interview Roulette

Q: What do you think about the practice of having fish tanks in seafood restaurants?
James: Ooooohhhh.
Sharon: is it cruel or is the irony funny?
James: I think it’s… ah… I don’t know if I bounce between it being cruel to the fish or some sort of consciousness test for humans. This is what you’re about to eat.
Sharon: how do you feel about that?
James: (no hesitation) I doesn't bother me. I’ll pick the lobster, I don’t care.

Q: Cowboy hat or baseball hat?
James: Oh, cowboy hat all the time. Baseball caps are never big enough for my big melon head. They just perch on top like Charlie Brown. It’s ridiculous.

Q: What video game would you like to be transported into?
James: Oooo, ah… I like playing Dead Space but I would not like to be in that one.

Sharon: I don’t know much about games, not a gamer.
James: Dead Space is like this really scary space horror game. You have weird zombies made out of disembodied parts and stuff. It’s really spooky. I don’t wanna be on that game. I think probably Mario something or another.
Sharon: Mario Kart? With the Bullet Bike
James: Yes, something like that. 

Q: Bronies or Furries?
James: I don’t know what Bronies are?

*someone listening in on our interview chimed in here* Guys who like My Little Pony.

James: Oh! But wouldn’t Bronies be a subset of Furries
Sharon: No, because Furry is an anonymous thing you don’t know who you are furrying with. They are all in full costumes. *whispers to James, there is a furry running around the convention and do not touch it*
James: I wasn't planning on it! I would probably go with the Bronies because furries… that’s a lot of sweat underneath all that fake fur. 

Q: Urban Fantasy or High Fantasy?
James: Urban fantasy. That goes without saying.

About the Author:
I am born and bred a Southern boy. I was raised on "yes, Ma'am" and "Hell Yeah". I like good food and good music.

Life is about so much more than money for me. Give me the ability to spend time with my family and friends, the right to shoot my guns, and the freedom to go to whatever church I want and I will say: Life is good


  1. thanks for the fun interview! Ummm... I don't play video games but I watch my BF play all the time. Mine (mind?) craft seems the easiest cuz all you do is built stuff out of blocks. Even trees.

  2. I do not play too many video games so I do not know which one. Does Mario Brothers count?


  3. The Legend of Zelda might be a cool place to visit.

  4. I don't play video games, so I'd pick "not." I don't even know which one to pick that I wouldn't want to be in, I think the only one I've heard of is World of Warcraft. :D

  5. Great interview what a fun read.

  6. Hmmm... I would like to be transported into Final Fantasy!

  7. I'm a video game geek. I would totally jump head first into the Borderlands world. I would be badass siren and find all kinds of awesome stuff while looting Pandora :)

    And, yeah, no way would I want to go into the Dead Space games. Talk about creepy!

  8. Mario Brothers game


  10. I'd like to transport into Kinectimals and cuddle the daylights out of them.

  11. I love this man and his books so damn much! Jealous you got to see him again Sharon and look forward to whatever he has coming up next! xo

  12. I would love to be in Jax and Daxter - really want to hear the echo in my voice as I fall into the crevasse - Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh This is a huge joke around our house because I rocked this game.

  13. I love the game "Escape from Monkey Island" because it's so funny!

  14. I wouldn't want to be transported into any video games. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. not entering, but thanks for the fun interview.

  16. AWESOME interview - ooooooooooooh Skyrim, I wanna play there!

  17. Let's see.....I wouldn't mind being transported into Skyrim too. My son plays it and he knows I LOVE Vampires and he keeps asking me to play it. I haven't yet but it actually looks really FUN! I would LOVE to be a Vampire in that game and have some kind of special ability and know some spells. Yeah that would be pretty AWESOME!! Thank you so much for having such a generous giveaway!!

  18. I want to be transported into Super Mario World