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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Review: Amazing & Waiting by Jemma Chase (AKA Gini Koch)

Amazing & Waiting
By Jemma Chase
Genre: Amazing: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Genre: Waiting: Dark Science fiction/Horror
Number of pages for both: 49 pages

Come visit the far future, where derelict spaceships are Waiting in deep space for salvage...or maybe for rescue.

Then take a trip to an Amazing resort run by a mysterious benefactor who may or may not want to give his guests a vacation to die for.

This is a collection of two short stories by Jemma Chase (AKA Gini Koch). Both reminded me of Tales of the Crypt, but without the gore. The characters are going along doing their thing and them BAM! The s*** gets real and you find out the characters aren’t who you think they are and they do bad things. I love the dark edged (this term is used so I don’t scare off readers who shy away from ‘horror’) themes.

I think I liked the character in Waiting best. This one concentrates more on the main character and her motivations. The author is able to quickly make you understand and care for the protagonist and when she is given an opportunity to drive the Karma bus up the a** of those who lied to her, you find yourself rooting for her even though there will be collateral damage.

I liked the story of Amazing best. The actual characters aren't of real importance so much as what they represent and their actions. The story is a cool twist on some old mythology about immortality. What kind of people would do what it takes to live forever and what are they willing to give up. You are left wondering if you could do the same.

4 1/2 Sheep

Sharon Stogner

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  1. I have read those stories as well, and liked them, though they are also creepy when you think too hard about them.