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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Review (sort of): (ARC) Forsaken By the Others by Jess Haines

Happy Release Day!

Forsaken by the Others (H&W Investigations #5)
By: Jess Haines
The Others–vampires, werewolves, things that go chomp in the night–don’t just live in nightmares anymore. They’ve joined with he mortal world. And for private investigator Shiarra Waynest, that means mayhem…

Have a one night stand with a vampire, and you can end up paying for it for eternity. P.I. Shiarra Waynest, an expert on the Others, knows that better than most. Yet here she is, waking up beside charismatic vamp Alec Royce with an aching head…and neck. Luckily, Shia has the perfect excuse for getting out of town–namely, a couple of irate East Coast werewolf packs who’d like to turn her into a chew toy.

On Royce’s suggestion, Shia temporarily relocates to Los Angeles. But something is rotten–literally–in the state of California, where local vampires are being attacked by zombies. Who could be powerful enough to control them–and reckless enough to target the immortal? Following the trail will lead Shia to a terrifying truth, and to an ancient enemy with a personal grudge.

This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. I never invoke the name of another author/series in someone else’s review, but this series doesn't get the attention it deserves. I think if people were aware of what type of series this is more would be reading it. What do I mean by type? First person POV from a snarky stubborn female who has an eclectic group of friends and tries her damnedest not to give into the smexy alpha who might not be as evil as she thought and stay out of all the supernatural bullS*** that goes on around her, but she gets sucked into anyway!

What series do I compare it to? The Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. If you like Rachel Morgan you will most likely enjoy Shiarra Waynest. Haines has created her own unique world of “Others” and a heroine you can root for and sometimes cry for. What I love about these types of UF’s is the voice. I love being in the heroine’s head, and before I know it the book is over and I feel like I have lost a bunch of friends, as well as a good case of the hates for the author because of the cliffhanger ending. Yeah, this series is bad (or good, depending on your POV) for leaving you hanging. But there are 5 out now so you only have to deal with the one at the end of Forsaken By the Others <G>

I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t started the series yet, or those who haven’t read this one so I am going to be vague. FBTO picks up right after the monumental event in Shia’s personal life. Everything had fallen apart and she is thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire again, but she faces it head on as always, and manages to actually set some things right in her life. 

This is book #5 and the series hasn't lost any momentum. Each book arc is new and exciting and the series arc is moving at a good pace. You get zombies in this one, and the mystery Shia and her friends have to solve has a nice twist and the ending will leave you thinking “Oh, snap! The s*** it gonna hit the fan now!”

Add this series to your TBR pile if you like UF. Haines has a sharp wit that comes through in her characters and the ability to make you care for them. If you are already reading the series then hang on cause the hits keep on coming!


“Then the Viking came into view.”

5 “covered in long-dried dead people juice” Sheep

Sharon Stogner


  1. LOL a case of the hates for the author. You are too much. I have this one on my tbr pile. Jess was down at the FL book con and I picked it up. She was so nice! Glad to hear it's a good one :)

  2. I so want to read this one soon. But I think I am one more book behind. Are you getting mad at me when I say I always get Anita Blake vibes with this series?