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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest post: Skye of the Damned creator Tamsin Silver + giveaway

This Fall over at the urban fantasy web series Skye of the Damned will debut! Today we have the heroine Skye visiting to talk about her creator Tamsin Silver. Tamsin is also the author of the urban fantasy series Windfire

HELP! My author hates me!
By Tamsin L. Silver

SKYE: Hello, my name is Skye MacKenna and my author hates me. 

Honestly, I have no idea what I ever did to deserve such a horrible back-story. It’s as if she just decided that in order to be interesting, I needed extra angst. Seriously now, what young adult needs extra angst? Then she kills off my mother. But does she die in my arms or give her life for me like lucky Harry Potter…oh no. She’s killed her in a home invasion and who gets to find the dead body? My stepfather? Why no…not nearly traumatic enough. I have to be the one to find her at the age of 12. Who does that?

But that’s not all. My real father? He’s dead. Or so assumed. He left for groceries and never came home so…either he’s a dead beat or he was killed. Just lovely. My stepfather, Jackson? He’s wonderful. He adopted me, loves me, and has never left me wanting. But will she let him live? I have a bad feeling about that…if I can be honest with you…I can, can’t I? Be honest with you? Good. Cause I can’t bring this stuff up to her, Ms. Tamsin Silver herself, that is. She won’t listen to me. Maybe she’ll listen to you. Yes! That’s it! You could contact her on my behalf! Would you do that? Could you please see if she could, I don’t know, ease up on me a bit? How am I supposed to be a functioning adult if she takes out her life irritation on me? She has some serious issues, that woman! 

TAMSIN: Eh-hem…I’m right here.

SKYE: Well, hell. These are not the droids you’re looking for?
TAMSIN: Nice try. 

SKYE: I have a point, you know.
TAMSIN: *Lifts an eyebrow*

SKYE: Don’t look at me like that. I do!
TAMSIN: If your mother hadn’t died like she did, you never would’ve learned to fight.

SKYE: Fine. But is it true I don’t have many friends in my past? Did I hear you right when you were talking to that girl who is playing me in the web series?
TAMSIN: You were raised to understand that you are special and in danger. With moving around a lot, you aren’t great at cultivating relationships and are awkward sometimes with people, and blunt. Up until now, you’ve not had many friends, that is correct.

SKYE: That’s a recipe for disaster. How am I ever to be happy if you just are hell bent and making my whole life so lonely?
TAMSIN: I didn’t say that. I said, “up until now” you’ve not had many friends. That’ll change. 

SKYE: Oh. Well…
TAMSIN: Every person has a back-story. Just because yours has some bad things in it doesn’t mean you’re destroyed. I’m not quite sure where you got that idea. Plus, if you were perfect and had your shit together, who’d want to watch your story? No one is perfect. No one has had it easy their WHOLE life.

SKYE: Not true…I can name some―
TAMSIN: ―pretty boring people, I’m sure.

SKYE: Not boring. Happy.
TAMSIN: Oh yes…those who have everything they could ever want are happy and want nothing else, ever. *bland stare* You sure about that?

SKYE: *thinks about it* Yes?
TAMSIN: *sigh* Oh, Skye. 

SKYE: Don’t you give me that. I have every right to dislike my world. And while we’re on the topic of the “world” you’ve given me to live in…Vampires? Really? Don’t you think those are overdone?
TAMSIN: I’ve been in a love affair with the possibility of vampires and supernatural creatures for over 20 years, actually.

SKYE: How old are you again?
TAMSIN: Do you want to die early? Ask that again.

SKYE: Fine. Vampires. What are the bloodsuckers up against?
TAMSIN: Fallen Angels. Descendants of the angels that never chose a side during Lucifer’s battle for Heaven. God stripped them of their wings, threw them to Earth to live with the humans they despised, and removed their immortality. They don’t even have the option for Heaven when they die. They will work in Purgatory for eternity―

SKYE: Unless you fix that. You can fix that. You’re the writer. It’s your world.
TAMSIN: Why would I fix it?

SKYE: See? This is what I’m talking about, folks. She’s just cruel. She loathes us characters. We should petition to have her replaced! I’m not talking to you anymore.
TAMSIN: Uh-huh. Suuuure you’re not.

SKYE: I’m not.

TAMSIN: You just did.

SKYE: *glares*
TAMSIN: Fine. Don’t talk to me then. But if you do that, I can’t finish your story so…it’s your call.

SKYE: That’s just mean.
TAMSIN: I didn’t make up the rules of muse to writer…don’t blame me.

SKYE: Fine. Just tell me our vampires are badass, suck blood, are evil, and hot…and I get to fight them!
TAMSIN: They are badass, suck blood, hot…and some are evil. I like the idea of having a choice. It makes the “evil” much more interesting when it’s your choice to be that way. And yes, you do get to fight!

SKYE: YES! Damn skippy!
TAMSIN: Skippy?

SKYE: Shut up.
TAMSIN: *puts up hands in defense* My bad. *pause* Anyway, our vampires run New York City…they’re seen as celebrities and you get involved in their world.

SKYE: Any love triangle between me, a vampire, and a fallen angel?
TAMSIN: Nope. And it’s FAE. Fallen Angel Errant.

SKYE: Why?
TAMSIN: You ask too many questions.

SKYE: You made me.
TAMSIN: I can’t hear you…la la la…

SKYE: Oh, that’s adult. How old will you be tomorrow?
TAMSIN: And on that note, I think we should let the good people of this blog get back to their world.

SKYE: But you didn’t give anything away. That’s what guest bloggers do…give stuff away. Right?

TAMSIN: Ummm….I guess. I’m sorta new around this blog. Would you all like something from the SKYE world? 

SKYE: *under her breath* Duh.
TAMSIN: Hush, you! What should we give away…I know! 
Head over to and give us a LIKE. Then, send us a message through Facebook with the words, “I Smell Sheep!” with your email address, and I personally will email you a high-rez JPEG of your choice from ALL the pics by in the “Official Cast Photos” album. Because the ones on the site are only web-sized.
SKYE: That’s not enough…come on, it’s your birthday tomorrow!

* I Smell Sheep say Happy Birthday to Tamsin*

TAMSIN: You’re right. How about this…For the next two weeks, you can go to and get the first book of my WINDFIRE Series for FREE in any e-format you want! 
Use Code: QN87R (Good thru August 9, 2013)

SKYE: Much better! Well done.

TAMSIN: Thanks! Now let’s go get more of your story written…

SKYE: Can I have some input?
TAMSIN: *considers* Sure, why not.

SKYE: Yes!
TAMSIN: Now grab your swords like a good girl and say goodbye to the readers!

SKYE: *picks up swords and deftly spins them in her hands* Bye, readers! And remember, you can watch my story unfold starting this Fall online at So LIKE us on Facebook and I’ll look forward to having you see my story unfold and hearing what you think of it! *waves* Bye! *leaves the room*
TAMSIN: Thanks for hanging out with us! You can learn more about me and my books at Until next time… *waves*…have a great summer! Bye! *walks away*

SKYE: *sneaks back, peers head around the corner* Psst! You can see two teasers of the show HERE: 
Teaser #1: 

Teaser #2:
TAMSIN: Skye?!
SKYE: Coming! *exits stage left*

Windfire (Windfire #1)
by Tamsin Silver

Adopted at an early age, Atlanta Hart remembers very little about her birth mother who died in a car accident when she was only two. Raised by her father’s family, she has little need to hunt for information on a woman she never knew. That is, until she turns thirteen and begins to have powers she can’t explain. However, once she begins to dig, Atlanta can find nothing about her biological mother. As if the woman were a ghost.

With the trail cold, Atlanta gives up hope of ever knowing the maternal side of her family or finding an explanation for her unique gifts. That is until she meets Roman, a man with similar powers to her own. After informing her that she’s a lost witch from a unique bloodline, his connections in the Clandestine World help Atlanta hunt for her mother’s family again. This time she finds a lead and travels from Boston to South Carolina to learn all she can about the Setti family and the curse that surrounds them.

Not all legacies should be dug up.

The Setti family has spilled blood in the past.

Atlanta or her friends could be next.

About the Author:
Tamsin L. Silver is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author from Michigan who now lives in NYC. While on the writing path, Tamsin graduated from Winthrop University with a BA in Theatre and a Secondary Education Certification. She's taught both middle school and high school theatre, run two theatre companies and holds awards for directing for both. She adores large dogs, Goth/Industrial music, and is addicted to Twitter.


  1. Thanks, I downloaded it to my tablet and slipped it into my Kindle app.

  2. YAY! Hope you like it! All books are available on Amazon in e-copy and print, too, btw! :)

  3. I must say I absolutely LOVED this post! Awesome!! And thank you Tamsin Silver for the free copy of Windfire. I will have to read Skye Of The Damned as soon as it is available! :)

  4. Thanks for all the goodies.

    Debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. WOW, I missed your birthday - Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a lovely day Tamsin. Thank you for the awesome download of Windfire. Skye, I have to tell you so far you are looking like an awesome character and you might want to reign in the barbs a bit, you could always end up ugly with zits instead of a lovely kick-a## gal ;) I cannot wait to watch your series.