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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Comic Review: Oz #2 (Zenoscope)

cover A
Oz #2 
Scripts: Joe Brusha
Pencils: Rolando Neto
Cover A: Scott Campbell
Publisher: Zenescope

Available on: July 3, 2013

Trapped in Oz and hunted by the armies of the fallen Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy finds allies in Glinda, the good witch of Oz and the lion Thorne. Together they embark on a quest for the veridian scepter, an artifact that can both free Oz from the tyranny of the Wicked Witch, and also send Dorothy home. All that stands in their way is the Wicked Witch of the West and her army of deadly warriors, flying monkeys and demon dogs.

Judy Garland she ain't, but Dorothy Gale is stuck in Oz and the Wicked Witch of the East wants her dead--and her not-so-little dog, too.

This time, instead of those snazzy slippers from the story, it looks like the coveted item is a wand. The Veridian Scepter to be precise. Think "one ring to rule them all" type of power, except used to knock off bad guys instead of empower them. It's been scattered into three pieces, and now Dorothy has the handle, which seems pretty darned powerful all by its lonesome.

covers B, C, D

With this second issue, the stakes are a little clearer and things are beginning to make sense. I wondered if this might be a cheesecake version of The Wizard of Oz, but there's a much bigger picture going on and things are already diverging from the much beloved source material.

What's not gone is the trek towards the Emerald City, which has Dorothy teamed in a fellowship with the Witch of the North, Thorne (the considerably uncowardly lion-man), and some Munchkins with a mean streak. Now, going off to do battle, you would think Dorothy would need some kind of armor or whatever, since her schoolgirl outfit just ain't gonna cut it. Well, think again, as her wardrobe has been refined to resemble something more akin to what a Vegas stripper might where. Sexy, sure, but not exactly functional.

I will say the character designs for the lion and the scarecrow are pretty cool, though. And the story is building a bit of steam, but I'm going to hold off until the third issue to see just how excited for this series I should get.

3 1/2 Sheep

Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox 
Wag The Fox

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