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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: Angeli by Jody Wallace

Angeli (Maelstrom Chronicles #1)
by Jody Wallace

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Length: 219 pages
Release Date: January 2014
ISBN: 978-1-62266-461-0
Imprint: Ignite

Gregori’s last mission is to save Earth from the demons threatening to take control. He doesn’t care if he survives as long as he averts the impending apocalypse—until he meets Adelita, a human refugee, whose spirit and determination give him a renewed reason to fight. And live. He’s falling for her, despite the fact he’s told her nothing but lies and there can’t possibly be a future for them.
Adelita can hardly believe the archangel Gregori, sent to save mankind, has lost his faith and his edge. After he saves her from a demon attack, she vows to help him recover both by any means necessary. But can she keep her own faith when she learns the truth about who and what Gregori really is?
As the Commander of the Alien spaceship that came to earth to stop the apocalypse from happening, Gregori knows that he's gone against everything his people believe to save the planet, but he couldn't just leave, knowing most would die. 

Adelita thinks the Aliens who have come to Earth are Angels sent to save us from the Daemons. But when the angels leave and there's only daemons left she decides to jump to her death at the Grand Canyon, if she can make it there.

Gregori's ship, is sentient ship and decides who would be the chosen one. This person would destroy the egg that will open a hole so that daemons and shades would be able to come through and devour living souls on earth. If there's one thing these Aliens could have learned from us Earthlings it's, never under any circumstances trust a sentient computer, can you say Terminator?

I really liked these two characters and their story. They find themselves in a world where daemons and angels are the norm. People are realizing that they all might die and the angels they thought would help them have in fact abandoned them instead.

In the mess of trying to fight the shades from eating their souls and stop an even bigger demon from knowing of his ships existence, Gregori finds himself enamored with Adelita. She is a strong female character and I really liked that about her. Just when I thought she would give up, she fought on.

The only fault I found with this book is that it seemed to end abruptly.

If you likes daemons, soul eating shades, and a sweet love story then you'll like this book.

I give this book 4 sheep!

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About the Author:
Jody Wallace grew up in the South in a very rural area. She went to school a long time because there was always something new to learn and ended up with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Her resume includes college English instructor, technical documents editor, market analyst, web designer, and general all around pain in the butt. She currently lives in Tennessee with her family: 1 husband, 2 kids, 2 cats. One of her many alter egos is “The Grammar Wench”, which should give you an indication of her character. She is a terrible packrat and likes to amass vintage clothing, books, Asian-inspired kitchenware, gnomes, and other items that threaten to force her family out of the house. She also likes cats. A lot.

Ms. Wallace’s approach to writing is to tell as many outlandish lies as she can get her readers to swallow. Her dream is to be moderately well-paid for this service. She is active in RWA and occasionally conducts writing workshops. Among topics she’s been known to cover are training sessions for contest judges (she coordinated her local RWA chapter contest for many years), point of view, dialogue punctuation and creativity enhancement.