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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Alpha Male Diner: Cam's Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies by Calinda B. (A WICKED AWAKENING Blog Tour) + giveaway

Urban Fantasy author Calinda B. takes you step by step through the making chocolate chip cookies using a special ingredient named Cam Tyson. Be sure to follow each step carefully so you don't miss a thing...
Cam’s Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies

recipe by: Calinda B.
Wicked Series

Sculpted body, full lips, warm honey-colored hair male
Chocolate Chips

Heat oven to 375F for warmth. Put a pan of water on simmer, add vanilla and lavender. 

To prepare Cam, help him take a hot shower so that his skin is clean. Lovingly soap every inch of his body. Use mouth and tongue, as desired. Be thorough. Take your time - cleanliness is a must! Once showered, towel him dry, patting with hands where appropriate. Let him take the lead every once in a while - Cam is an alpha male so he needs to feel like he’s in charge.

Have Cam lay down sans clothes on the fur rug you’ve placed in the kitchen, on top of the cushy padding. The scents of vanilla and lavender should have infused the room nicely. Take a deep whiff, before running your nose along Cam’s torso to scent him. The combined smells should be heady and intoxicating.

First, take the oil and drizzle some into your palms. Get it nice and warm. While you warm your hands, taste his lips, plundering his mouth with your tongue. Get in deep for thorough exploration.

Begin massaging his shoulders. Work your way along his biceps. Knead his hands. Stroke back up his arms with firm hands. Caress his neck, easing away the corded knots. Move down to his chest, kneading and rubbing the warm oil into his skin. Work his solid abs. If he becomes erect (trust me - Cam Tyson will be erect at first touch), use the erection to distribute the oil along his lower abdomen.

Oops! Did Cam flip you on your back? Now he’s massaging you? This happens with Cam. Let him have his way with you. Is he sprinkling your tummy with flour, brushing his warm hands up and down your belly and breasts? Let him. Oh my - has he found the butter? Now he’s spreading butter on you, kneading and massaging you? Let him go. He needs to feel like he’s the man, in charge, pleasing his woman. This is all part of the recipe.

When he’s done, gently guide him onto his back again. Rub the butter and flour he’s applied to you along his solid torso to mix. Add sugar for exfoliating action. Taste the mixture to see if it’s sweet enough. Is it? If so, add eggs.

Uh oh. Cam said no to the eggs on his abdomen and flipped you on your back again? He asked to skip the eggs and add his own lubrication to the mixture? Let him do his thing. Experimentation is encouraged with this recipe.

What? You say the chocolate chips have melted from the heat you’re both rocking with? That’s okay. Ask him to spread some hot, creamy chocolate on your breasts and perform a taste test. I’ll bet he’s more than willing. Mmm. That feels nice, doesn’t it? When he’s had his fill, tell him it’s important that you taste test, too.

Encourage him onto his back again. Pour some of the chocolate into your hands and massage it into his rigid cock. Next, slurp it with your tongue, your mouth. Is it the right sweetness? You might need a touch more. Add until you obtain the perfect consistency. Suck it until both of you feel complete. Any lubrication he may have offered will only enhance the recipe.

Grab the warm washcloth next to the bed and wipe off any remaining chocolate in preparation for the final mixture. Lovingly cleanse the length of him, making sure to search for any chocolate that might have leaked between his legs. When done, slide up his belly. Insert him into your core - this is important for getting the proper consistency to the flour, butter and sugar mixture. Push, letting your bellies glide together. Slide back and push again. Repeat as often as necessary until ultimate pleasure is obtained and the mixture between you is thoroughly merged into creamy intoxicating bliss.

You’ll want to try other variations of this recipe, too - when Cam’s recovered, get him to tell you what he’d like you to add next. He’s got loads of ideas and his recovery time is fast. Matter of fact, I’ll bet he’s starting to stir right now.

A Wicked AwakeningThe Wicked, #1
Nominated for Best Fantasy/Urban Fantasy 2013 eFestival of Words Award Nominations!
Chérie's got her hands full. Forces of evil want to destroy her. A powerful invisible guardian and his flaming haired associate are messing with her mind. Meanwhile, her gorgeous boyfriend wants to have sex with her all the time. Will she claim her destiny as a passionate, sexually potent cosmic force before darkness consumes her?

Chérie Abella Manhattan is in for a surprise. She thought she was just an ordinary aerobics instructor and adventure-loving woman living with her handsome, hard-bodied blond lover, Cam Tyson. Turns out she's one of the most powerful beings in the universe - she's a Galaxy Dancer, capable of using her potent sexual energy to transform not only herself, but the people she loves.

When she meets a mysterious, dark-haired man, her life begins a series of strange, unfathomable transformations. She starts to see people who weren't there a minute ago. She starts to glow when she makes love. She'd always dreamed of being a big deal; she just hadn't thought she'd be an "out of this world" big deal.

All she has to do is face a few fears, sort through a few lies, get over a broken heart or two and accept who she is. That's the easy part. The hard part will be dealing with the sexy, sexy man known as Kayden, who can't, or just won't, leave her to her alone.

A Wicked BeginningThe Wicked, #2
Unable to accept his girlfriend's paranormal abilities as a Galaxy Dancer, Cameron Delaney Tyson took off to explore his own dark demons. Now he's left with no girlfriend, a lot of time on his hands and a terrifying creature from another galaxy stalking him - something called a Star Dreamling.

Only through facing this predatory cat-beast can he make amends with his abusive past and claim his powerful future. Will that be enough to be able to win his girlfriend back? Cam Tyson sure hopes so. And he's willing to risk dying if that's what it takes to recapture his heart - the beautiful woman and star being known as Chérie Abella Manhattan.

Wicked Whispering The Wicked, #3
Six foot five. Dreamy green, gold and blue eyes like a far-away galaxy. Multi-hued hair. The ability to sense the desperate longings and dark secrets of everyone he comes in contact with. Kai Williams has always felt like the family freak. When his old pal Cam Tyson arrives on his Caribbean isle, star dreamling and other-worldly girlfriend in tow, will he embrace the mysterious world he’s being shown, finally accepting his incredible power, or will he sink deep into the darkness that’s threatening to destroy him and all he loves?
Wicked Whispering will be completely revised and re-released on Dec. 21.

About the Author:
An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist, Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990's. She has also taught web site design and computer graphics at community colleges in Northern California. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bike riding. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats. She is currently working on the fourth book in The Wicked Series, tentatively entitled A Wicked Ending, or the third book in The Beckoning Series or maybe those are done and she's working on.... She loves to write and does it daily.
12/16 - 01/18 - Calinda B's A WICKED AWAKENING Blog Tour 

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