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Friday, January 31, 2014

Top 10 quotes from Blood Prophecy Two: Queen’s Enemy by Barb Jones (Book Tour)

Thank you I Smell Sheep for having me on your blog today. I am pretty excited about being here and being able to share with my fans and future fans, my top ten quotes from Blood Prophecy Two: Queen’s Enemy.

My favorite quotes from the book all have a special meaning to me. Each quote shows a vigilance in character, such as lust, strength, justice, vengeance and purpose to say the list. In addition, each quote is from one of the strong characters, whether it be Amber, Michael, Chloe, Kabos, Malakai, Marcus or any of the others. Together, they possess the feelings that we only dream of.

I won’t dive into all the ten quotes, unless you really want me to but let’s talk about some of them. The first quote about how Amber’s lips hypnotize Michael. All women want to hear that from their man, no doubt about it. It brings a sense of lust and love that happens between a man and a woman. The second quote on the list describes the child coming to the Queen. That only signifies purpose. We all have a purpose whether we realize it or not. Every member of the human race has a purpose to play or serve in our existence. Nursing mothers serve a purpose for the baby to eat, right? It’s all about your life having meaning and purpose. I just tied it to a prophecy involving the supernatural.

As you can tell, each quote means something. And really, I write the books to have their own interpretation or meaning to each person. I hope you enjoy reading the quotes and let the words’ meanings come to you. Each character can be someone you relate to or even all of them! That’s the beauty of Blood Prophecy!

1. “You know, Amber, I cannot imagine a world without you. You have become the Queen we need, yet you are still a young vampire. Your lips hypnotize me,” he said in a low whisper as his lips brushed her ear.

2. “The child will come to the Queen once the blood path of birth has been chosen. She will either undo the Queen or be the sceptre of all reconciliation. The child will be born when the yellow moon turns to the color of blood. Hear and mark the words of the Queen. The child’s path is predestined upon the choice of the Chosen Witch. The hour of reconciliation is coming and the path needs to be chosen. Now.”

3. Son, there is a prophecy that has been wielded. A foretelling of events to come. I was a young boy before my birthmark made me take my true place. I am to make the one who will start the revelation that will lead the True One to find the Queen. I learned to read the stars and the stars pointed me to you. You are the True One. And now you must learn to be who you were meant to be.

4. “The girl with the red hair is coming. She’s a lady and very pretty. She’s the one I am going to be friends with.”

5. This Child of Prophecy is no ordinary child, as you know, her birth was foretold many centuries ago, she came into this world a great force for good against the powers of evil. Zaraquel,” and then he nodded at Marcus, “an apt name for such a precious child is an Avenging Angel.

Her destiny is to destroy the powers of evil, and she’ll never rest until they are destroyed. She has been reincarnated many times, and has always battled evil, this time she reincarnated with her full powers. When she comes to maturity there will be nothing on Earth that can stop her.

6. “They will face the red werewolves of hell,” said Jacob.

7. In a low, deep voice he said, “Let’s go back. The night was just getting lively.” He said. “What are we? We’ve got an armored tank practically, full of vampires. What do we look like? I’m not running from no zombies,” he said in a thick Russian accent. “They just took us by surprise. Let’s take them by surprise.” He said with a dark glower on his face.

8. “As an Avenging Angel, Zaraquel’s role is to bring justice to this world. While she is a baby her wings will remain pure and white, but in her role as an Avenging Angel, with her first justified kill, and she will kill to bring balance to an imbalanced world, her wings will become blood-red after her first kill. After her tenth kill, they will become midnight-black. This will indicate that she has become an Executioner of the Highest Order, a true Avenging Angel, bent on bringing justice to the world.”

9. “You are my witch, my One. Through you, the ages will pass. A line of witches will disembark on the earth.”

10. “Chloe, I Love You. You are my Heart and Soul and I Pledge to Keep You and Our Baby Safe for Eternity.”

Blood Prophecy Two: Queen's Enemy
By Barb Jones
only $.99
When you are in love with the one you fear and hate the most, it leaves you no options. How can you fight her, protect her, when all it would do is leave you in pieces?

Amber and Chloe are pulled deeper in the Prophecy that revealed itself at the moment they became friends. Michael is pulled into different directions. One to love and protect his Queen or to join forces with the Vampire Hunter and kill the Queen before the Blood Prophecy is revealed. His choie along with the birth of the Child from a vampire and witch marks the intensity of the Blood Prophecy. Once the child is born, the path of the prophecy is laid out and Amber must obey that path.

Could she unite the races or destroy them all with the child?

About the Author:
Barb wrote her first paranormal novel when she discovered that it was time to create a new novel that would bring vampires back to their true glory and grace of drinking blood. Since then, her love for vampires spread across witches, werewolves, and zombies and she likes to think that her storytelling ability has helped redeem the race. After earning her Bachelors' degree in Political Science at Central Washington University and her Master's degree in Information Technology with Keller Graduate School, she continues to utilize those skills as an IT Manager. Her true passion is through her writing of various novels including the Blood Prophecy Series, Little Arthur and Merlin the Magnificent Series, Dingy the Dinosaur Series, a new series involving Zombies, and poetry. Though Barb was born and raised in Hawaii, she will always be a Seattle girl at heart. She currently resides in FL with her two biggest fans, her children.

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  1. This is a great book. I read the first one and just finished the second one. Barb Jones is a great author and brings to life Seattle and the supernatural.