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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

35 New Releases in Speculative Fiction for January 13

Not a big release week but there are some good ones! Grab that ereader/book and let's get literary!

Hit the WTF-ery jackpot this week. Check out the space suit wearing raptor and Adding to Her Family doesn't seem to odd till you get the rest of the title: Adding To Her Family (Extreme Pregnancy Risk Taboo BBW Filling From Cyborg Lover)

Audio books

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  1. Nothing for me this week Sharon. And I need eye-bleach for seeing Men in Kilts with Tentacles.

  2. "It’s not gay if it’s a man and a dinosaur, is it?" - Ummm.. Okay? You have left me speechless.

    1. lol, I don't know...I think it falls under bestiality once you add a tail