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Friday, January 23, 2015

Comic Review: Lady Killer #1 (of 5) from Dark Horse Comics

Lady Killer #1 (of 5)
Writer: Joëlle Jones, Jamie S. Rich

Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colorist: Laura Allred
Cover Artist: Joëlle Jones
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publication Date: January 07, 2015
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.50
UPC:7 61568 26351 0 00111
Betty Draper meets Hannibal!

Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother—but she’s also a ruthless, efficient killer for hire! A brand-new original comedy series that combines the wholesome imagery of early 1960s domestic bliss with a tightening web of murder, paranoia, and cold-blooded survival.
* New original series by Joëlle Jones!
* Dark comedy, gritty action, and killer laughs!

“[Jones] varies her style to suit the mood of each piece, and the results can be spellbinding.”—Powell’s Books

Josie Schuller is kinda like June Cleaver ... Well, less June, more cleaver. We're introduced to the disarming beauty as she presents herself to a lonely old woman as an Avon rep, but we quickly see it's a ruse for her real occupation: hired assassin. It's a heckuva way to make a living when you have a husband, two rambunctious daughters, and a disapproving mother-in-law at home. Such is life in the '50s, I suppose.

I don't know what it is, but it seems like this winter I am seeing ads for all kinds of properties featuring femme fatales as secret assassins. It's like the red Volkswagon of fiction, or I'm just imagining things. In any case, Lady Killer offers the added stylized touch of setting itself in the bygone era of Father Knows Best and the nuclear family and all things wholesome as apple pie, and seems ready to tear it all part in a fashion more spectacular than even Mad Men could dare imagine.
The artwork complements the setting and tone very well, particularly with the characters having this blend of Rockwellian appeal and Hitchcockian menace. It's really kind of stunning to look at.

Whether the series has legs or net, I'm not quite sure yet, but it was a fun first issue and the teaser for #2 is an eye-catching one at that.

4 stars

Gef Fox


  1. OMG this comic sounds awesome! Sounds very Dexter, if Dexter were a *hired* killer in a dress :)

    1. It is a fun one! Dark Horse is one of my favorite presses.

  2. I generally tend to read japanese manga but this one does sound interesting. I will have to give it a shot.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. I checked it out too. Just got the ARC for issue #2 :) Dark Horse has some really cool comics. They also carry manga now too.