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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Magazine Review: Sleepy Hollow magazine

Sleepy Hollow #1
Official Magazine

Titan Magazines
Available From: 18 November 2014

Hang on to your seats Sleepy Hollow fans, Titan Magazines has brought us a Sleepy Hollow magazine! That’s right, in case you need more Ichabod and Abbie, you can now pick up monthly issues based on the Fox TV series.

This magazine has so much to offer fans like myself such as interview articles with the cast. There are no second hand quotes, or recycled articles from other magazines or online interviews, these are exclusive interviews, exclusive quotes which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing chaps my rear like a fan magazine that doesn’t provide exclusive content. Then there are the extras like a monster guide which features photos, details and behind the scenes secrets about baddies like Moloch, The Golem and The Kindred but the Headless Horseman himself is surprisingly absent. In fact, there isn’t a profile or anything major about him at all which was strange and a bit disappointing seeing as he’s a huge part of the show and the current storyline. Maybe the next issue?

For fans who want a little more than just the standard interviews and character profiles, there is also a section where some of the best tweets from fans and the cast and crew are listed, some of them are pretty darn entertaining too. Speaking of tweets, the magazine also includes a list of cast and crew members who are on Twitter so if you’re not already following them, you can be sure that you’re following the real deals (In case you’re wondering, I’m totally following them all). A season 1 episode guide, trivia and other fun tidbits are just some of the information waiting for the curious and the diehard fans.

Really, I had fun reading this issue and learning stuff about one of my favorite shows that I didn’t know before! For example, did you know that you can purchase The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on and it is narrated by none other than Ichabod Crane himself, Tom Mison? Or that there is also a preview of the Sleepy Hollow comic?

This first issue of the Sleepy Hollow magazine shows a lot of promise and I’m curious to see how future issues will stack up and if the contributing writers will continue to deliver entertaining articles and interesting facts. According to the magazine itself, the February issue promises and interview with the lovely Katia Winter (Katrina Crane), season 2 news and more.

While all that sounds interesting and believe me I’d love to do a write up on each and every issue, there is one problem I saw with this magazine. At $9.99 an issue for US/CAN residents, that might cause more than a few fans to lose their heads (See what I did there?). It’s a little steep for my tastes but if you can swing the price, I’d say go for it. Especially if future issues are going to be this packed with Sleepy Hollow goodness.

Sheep Rating: 4 sheep

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  1. That is a bit steep in price but a really interesting thing to have around.

    1. It is quite steep. Most of the magazines from the UK are, I used to collect magazines like this but dang it's an expensive hobby.

  2. I didn't know there even was a magazine. The price is always steep for these show mags. I'd swing a few. Love Tom Mison's voice. Thanks for this heads up.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. My boyfriend loves this series, but I don't think he would be interested in reading a magazine about it. Still it might become a collector's item at some point of time.