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Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting lost in a forest: Dos and Don'ts by Jeremy Bates (Suicide Forest book tour)

Given that Suicide Forest is about a bunch of friends who get lost in a forest and begin to succumb to the elements (among other things!) I thought it might be fun—and educational—to write a short post on what to do—and not do—when/if you get lost in a forest.

Here it goes:

1) Don’t panic! Easier said than done, maybe. But the best thing to do is sit tight and hope someone comes looking for you soon. Doing so will prevent you from getting even more lost, as well as help you to conserve energy.

2) Identify your immediate location with some kind of landmark—this could be a tall tree, a prominent boulder, etc. The reason? In case you don’t listen to point one and panic, wander off, and get yourself more lost.

3) Know how to orient yourself! Know the sun rises in the east, sets in the west. Know moss grows on the north sides of rocks/trees.

4) Search your surroundings for water (but don’t go too far!) Keep an eye out for birds, as they often stay close to a clean water source. If you get desperate, you can wrap your shirt around your legs in the morning and collect dew, or even build a below-ground sill.

5) Search your surroundings for food. Don’t be afraid to eat fat little insects for a protein boost.

6) Make a fire. If you have a battery handy, you can short-circuit it by connecting the positive and negative terminals with a wire or foil, which will create a spark to light your tinder. Not only will the fire keep you warm, it will help keep the mosquitos away. Also, if you found water, you can purify it over the flames. Finally, if you add green wood and brush to it, you have a very smoky signal fire.

There are probably a dozen other things you can do to survive the woods until you are rescued, but I’d say the abovementioned are some of the most important. So have fun hiking/camping—and, oh yeah, point number seven: watch out for serial killers!

Jeremy Bates Suicide Forest
Suicide Forest
Author: Jeremy Bates
Publisher: Ghillinnein Books
Pages: 350
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Format: Paperback/Kindle
Just outside of Tokyo lies Aokigahara, a vast forest and one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in Japan…and also the most infamous spot to commit suicide in the world. Legend has it that the spirits of those many suicides are still roaming, haunting deep in the ancient woods.

When bad weather prevents a group of friends from climbing neighboring Mt. Fuji, they decide to spend the night camping in Aokigahara. But they get more than they bargained for when one of them is found hanged in the morning—and they realize there might be some truth to the legends after all.

Suicide Forest is available at Amazon

About the Author:
Jeremy Bates is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller White Lies, which was nominated for the 2012 Foreword Book of the Year Award. He has spent the last ten years traveling the world, visiting more than thirty countries. He has lived in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Bates is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a degree in English literature and philosophy. He is an active member of Horror Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, Inc., and Crime Writers of Canada.


  1. You had me until, "eat fat little insects for a protein boost" ewwww.

  2. Very good list of things to do and I would do all of them except eat bugs. *shivers* Now every time hubby goes camping I'm gonna tell him to watch out for serial killers. lol

  3. I don't know if I could make myself swallow a bug. Especially if it's still wriggling. Yuck! And spiders are definitely out of the question. Even the tiny ones look huge to me. LOL
    This book sounds fascinating and right up my alley! Would love to read it.

  4. Good tips and looks like a good book!

  5. No bugs for protein for me.