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Thursday, July 30, 2015

August 2015 Movie Releases!

Got some great movies coming out this month! I want to see Vacation, MI, Fantastic 4, Shaun the Sheep (duh!), Man from UNCLE, Agent 47, American Ultra, and...

UNDERDOGS! I hadn't heard about this movie, but it is about a foosball table that comes to life. Y'all don't know this, but I use to play foosball...and I mean PLAY. I competed and met my husband playing. I learned on a German table, but adapted my slide shot for the French table. I'm comfortable saying if you challenge me and my husband to a game we would whoop your a$$.

July 31

August 7

August 14

August 21

August 28


  1. Definitely going to watch the Fantastic Four and Max Steel, followed by Shaun the Sheep and the newest Lego movie. What can I say, I'm complicated!

    1. The Lego movie is a brickamentry It's going to be a good movie viewing month :)

  2. My husband and I saw Vacation at a pre-sceening event, and it was so hilarious. It definitely earned its R rating, so not a family film, but too funny to miss!

  3. I will probably wait for these to hit the small screen.