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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hog Island Sheep in American History!

A little American history involving sheep! Happy 4th of July from I Smell Sheep.
*Remember, wool and fireworks don't mix

The Hog Island Sheep in Red White and Ewe
Written by Eastern Shore resident Andrew Barbour and illustrated by artist Cameron Waff. 

The second book in the Hog Island Sheep series of children's books produced by the Barrier Islands Center, Red, White and Ewe highlights the annual 4th of July picnic and baseball game on Hog Island, while also introducing the Lyle Gun used by the Life-Saving Service to rescue victims of stranded ships. The Hog Island sheep once again serve as humorous protagonists. The original paintings used to illustrate both books masterfully capture the playful mood of the story as well as the beauty of the island.

American History lesson:
Hog Island sheep are a breed of sheep descended from animals first brought to Virginia's Hog Island in the 1700s. During the 1930s and 1940s, storm conditions forced the island's residents to evacuate, leaving some sheep behind. These sheep adapted to the environment free of human intervention, becoming feral.

The breed is preserved by various organizations because of its relevance to American history and its resemblance to historical American sheep. It also possesses some traits that have been somewhat lost in more modern breeds.-

Hog Island is a barrier island located in Northampton County, Virginia.

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  1. Colonial Williamsburg may have some of those sheep, plus other rare Colonial era sheep, as you can see from the photos at the link: