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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Review: The Page Turners: Economy of Fear (The Page Turners Trilogy) (Volume 2) by Kevin T. Johns

The Page Turners: Economy of Fear (The Page Turners Trilogy) (Volume 2)
by Kevin T. Johns
Publisher: Cat and Bean Publishing, Ottawa, Canada.
ISBN: 978-0-9920041-6-3

AISN: 978-0-9920041-7-0
July 6, 2015.
After discovering a book of magic hidden in their high school library, The Page Turners book club members -- Nate, Danny, and Spenser -- performed a spell that accidentally released a vampire from the pages of fiction into the real world.

With the indispensable help of Danny’s little sister, Diana, The Page Turners were able to put a stop to the vampire, but when Spenser disappears from his bedroom in the dead of night, and a giant crop circle in the field behind his house is the only evidence as to where he has gone, the group realizes the vampire might not have been the only fictional monster released by their spell.

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror intermingle in The Page Turners: Economy of Fear, the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed young adult hit, The Page Turners: Blood.

In this sequel to The Page Turners, the Page Turners book club members, Nate, Danny, and Spencer have a new adventure. Spenser, whose book was the nonfiction book about alien abductions, is abducted by the aliens and taken on their spaceship to their planet. He meets a teenage girl kept in another room who has been held by the aliens for a long time. They grow close. Now he must convince her to escape with him and an alien. Meanwhile, back on earth, Danny and Danny’s sister are battling more vampires, while Nate is taken under wing by a man who teaches him magic, as they take off on the road.

This time around it seems to have not only Spenser’s book, but still vampires from the first book, and it is obvious that Nate’s tale is coming into play. More so, the three friends’ friendship is being torn apart. Though muddled with having two of the boys’ books coming to life, while Danny’s hasn’t ended as we thought with the first book, I did like the story. Though I hope the last book in the trilogy will stick to Nate’s story. If you enjoy YA and like to read science fiction, fantasy and horror, this second book in the trilogy combines it all.

Book Review: The Page Turners: Blood (book 1)

I give The Page Turners: Economy of Fear
4 sheep (abducted by aliens)

Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
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As we release the first two novels in the trilogy in the coming months, this website will be your source for news, interviews, press, and behind the scenes peeks at the creative process.

I’m eager to hear from YOU, the readers of the trilogy, and there are a lot of way you can get in touch with me. You can follow me on Twitter at @kevin_t_johns, find me on Facebook, or use the contact form below to email me directly.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about The Page Turners Trilogy, the writing process, or my experiences with independent publishing.

I hold degrees in film studies and English literature, and I love a wide variety of narratives in a multitude of genre and formats. I’m also interested in hockey, weightlifting and fitness, as well as nutrition, particularly low-carb and Paleo eating. I live in Ottawa, Canada.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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