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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Comic Review: Guillermo Del Toro’s and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: the Night Eternal issue #10

Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Mike Huddleston
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: E. M. Gist
Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror
Dark Horse
Publication Date:June 17, 2015Format: FC, 32 pages
Two years ago, the Master won.

He spread the vampire virus across New York and, by triggering a series of nuclear meltdowns, defeated the ancient vampires that opposed him.

Now, in a world where the sun is all but blocked out by nuclear winter, the Master’s influences reaches across the globe.

Hope is on life support, but a few remain who may revive it: an alcoholic, a doctor, an exterminator, a criminal, and a renegade vampire are humanity’s last chance…

This issue, those fighting the Master are looking for a detonator for the nuclear bomb they have to destroy the Master. Plus find the place where it must go off. There is a book, but Eph figures out how to read it. Made for humankind to fight vampires, it has a silver cover and its secrets were written so they could only be read in sunlight. They take off in a truck, heading for where the island they need to be on the right day is. Meanwhile the Master and Zack’s vampire mother visit Zack at the zoo, to tell him his father is still alive. That he did not come for Zack; as like the snow leopard in the zoo, he wants to be the last obstacle between the Master and his vamps and total domination.
Close to the end of the comic based on the third book in The Strain trilogy, the vampires seem less frightening and unsettling as in the first two novels and comics. I am not feeling this one particularly. Still, one still wants to follow this to the end, to see if the humans win against the Master. The artwork is still great and the dark colors perfect for this comic.

I give The Strain: the Night Eternal Issue #10
3 ½ sheep

Pamela K. Kinney

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