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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Book Review: The Chameleon Soul Mate (Worlds Apart Series: Book One) by Evelyn Lederman

The Chameleon Soul Mate (Worlds Apart #1)
by Evelyn Lederman

200 pages
August 12th 2014
While hiking, Alexandra Mann is powerless to stop the force that pulls her into a foreign land. Alex must rely on her quick-wits in an effort to deal with the strange new world. Fear of rejection taught her the art of blending into the background, a skill that will help keep her alive.

Engaged in a battle with a government determined to suppress its people, Tarsea Childers' life is suddenly turned upside down. The shocking arrival of an unusual woman captivates him body and soul, and makes him fear what the future holds. The electric, life-changing bond between them will have far reaching consequences for him and his world.

Can Alex step out of the shadows and finally shine? Will Tarsea overcome his need to control everything, and accept Alex as his partner in life and in his fight against the government?

Plunge into an alternate universe where soul mates aren't just legend.

The Chameleon Soul Mate is an interesting read chronicling six tumultuous days in the life of Alexandra Mann. While on a leisurely hike, twenty-something Alex is transported to Troyk Universe, a parallel dimension steeped in utopian ideals but plagued by political espionage and inhabited by a race of telepathic beings. Accustomed to blending in, Alex must quickly adjust to being the odd newcomer in a dangerous situation. Assisting Alex in her acclimatization is dark and handsome Tarsea Childers, Troyk entrepreneur turned political lobbyist, and his small band of equally attractive, intelligent men. Tarsea and company are involved in covert operations to overthrow the current government in favour of a fair, less-controlled society.

As it turns out, Alex is not the benign human she believed herself to be, but an orphan transplanted on Earth in political protest again Troyk Universe’s current, mind-controlling leader. And soon the fight of her cohorts becomes Alex’s fight as well, and she’s eager to assume the task, using her chameleon-like blending talents to her advantage.

The Chameleon Soul Mate was a decent read with a creative premise. I enjoyed its science fiction leanings combined with an entertaining, albeit slightly problematic, romance between Tarsea and Alex. Troyk presents a beautiful microcosm of idealism and enlightenment. The book’s characters are primarily intelligent and strategic, an approach I found refreshing. However, Tarsea’s high-handedness where Alex is concerned is at odds with this progressive society. He protests telepathic mind control, but selects Alex’s clothing and even refers to her at one point as “too independent.” The romance portion develops very quickly given the “soul mate” aspect of the text. The author uses the term soul mate continuously and instead of underlying this important premise, the complete overuse of the term becomes irritating and almost comical.

Overall, I liked the premise of this series. I wasn’t overly enamoured with character development and, at times, the author’s writing style, however, it was a fairly satisfying read. Subsequent installments in the set centre on member of Tarsea’s inner circle and their connections to other Troyk orphans on earth and are likely worth checking out.

3 ½ Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
I clearly remember a conversation I had with my sister and a friend about infinite parallel universes. We were outside Sedona, Arizona. All of a sudden 5 young women started talking in my mind. That was the start of ‘The World’s Apart’ series. ‘The Chameleon Soul Mate’ was published in August 2014, followed by ‘The Crystal Telepath’ in December 2014. The floodgates have opened and I have more books in the Worlds Apart series as well as other series coming. I’m loving the ride!


  1. Thanks for the review Sharon, but I don't think this one will end up on my TBR Mountain.

  2. I think you were too gracious with your review and rating. The overall plot was good; the writing, storytelling, and development of characters not so much.

    1. I agree with your assessment of the writing and character development. Of course, criteria for reviewing varies from reviewer to reviewer. I liked the premise of the book. I thought it was creative and the plot held my interest. I often cut slack for a book one of a series as set up is often times a chore. In any event, thanks for the input :)