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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: Silverlight by S. L. Jesberger

by S. L. Jesberger

January 30, 2016
Publisher: S. .L. Jesberger

ISBN: 9781517412890
Friend. Lover. Warrior.

Magnus Tyrix is on his way home for the first time in eight years when he finds her purely by accident—Kymber Oryx, fighting off a band of vigilante thieves.

He’d been told she was dead, killed on the battlefield of Marilian ten years ago, her body buried in a mass grave.

Stepping in to save her from the thieves, he soon discovers she is a fragile shadow of the woman he once loved.

Magnus attempts to help her get on her feet, but Kymber is struggling with a brutal past. Try as she might, she can’t seem to find the heart that once beat inside her. The heart of a warrior. The one Magnus remembers.

The one he truly wants.

If lies and treachery tore them apart, a mutual purpose will reunite them. Silverlight, Kymber’s beloved sword, still hangs upon the enemy’s wall.

Will they sacrifice the future to retrieve a piece of the past?

Magnus Tyrix was riding to visit his sister, Karis, who he has not seen for nine years. Riding through the area brings back memories of his long dead love, Kymber Oryx, whom he fought beside and lost. He hears something coming from some caves south of Jalartha, a group of men are terrorizing a homeless woman. When she snatches his knife from the leader’s belt and executes maneuvers someone trained to do them, even with one mangled hand, he recognizes her as his long dead love Kymber. Except she is very much alive, though horribly thin, with a ragged haircut and dirty. Instead of visiting his sister, he takes her to a place where he can get her help. He discovers she thought he had been behind what happened to her, because of his brother Tariq and the barbarian, Garai. Eventually he takes her to his home to keep watch over her and train her back to the warrior she had been. He even promises to help her get his brother, plus retrieve her sword, Silverlight, from behind the throne of the barbarian Garai. For it was Garai who held her all those years, using her and making her fear. Magnus loves her enough to do anything for her. Even if it means sacrificing their future.

Silverlight is the romantic sword and sorcery we’ve been missing. It’s a mixture of Lord of the Rings and George RR Martin’s gritty, realistic saga, but Silverlight is still its own fantasy. One I am glad to add to my bookshelves.

I give Silverlight 5 sheep

Pamela Kinney

About the Author:
S.L. Jesberger lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband Gordon. They are the parents of three daughters. By day, she is a mild-mannered administrative assistant for an educational organization. She enjoys gardening, reading, hybridizing and genealogy. She’s been known to do things the hard way just to see what happens.

Sherry loves romantic fantasy, but she also writes contemporary/ New Adult under the name Shari Copell. Wild Angel, the third book written under the Copell pen name, was awarded 4.5 stars and the Crowned Heart from InD’tale Magazine, making it a contender for a 2015 RONE Award in New Adult.

Silverlight is her seventh book. Aislin of Arianrhod, the first book in her romantic fantasy Àlainnshire series, was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Book Awards. Aislin of Arianrhod also won honorable mention in the 2015 Writer’s Digest Best Ebook Awards.

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  1. I am not sure yet about this book Pamela, but I am glad you enjoyed it so much.