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Monday, January 4, 2016

Sheep Talk: The Librarians Season 2

The Librarians
First episode date: December 7, 2014
Network: TNT
Number of seasons: 2
Executive producers: Dean Devlin, Noah Wyle, John Rogers
Directors: Jonathan Frakes, Dean Devlin
Cued by TNT's popular "The Librarian" trilogy, this series introduces new members of an ancient group protecting mystical artifacts. Hidden below the Metropolitan Public Library, the secret society's longtime leader is Flynn Carsen, whose job has become very complicated. To help, the Library recruits Eve, a counterterrorism agent responsible for organizational security; Jacob, who has encyclopedic knowledge of art, architecture and history; Cassandra, who links auditory/sensory hallucinations to memory; and Ezekiel, a skilled thief and master technician. Overseeing them is Jenkins, the reclusive caretaker of the Library's sleepy little annex in Oregon. Noah Wyle executive produces and recurs as Flynn, the role he played in the movie series.-google

Not a mid-season ender, but a final one for Season 2 of The Librarians. This TV series on TNT is based off The Librarian movies. The star of The Librarian TV movies, Noah Wylie (Flynn Carson) is one of the executive producers of seventeen episodes of this TV series. He also appears in it on several occasions in Season 1 and this season. At the last episode for Season 2, it looks like he may be staying for Season 3 when it returns in 2016. So why, you say, would anyone care about a group of librarian setting off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts? First if you like fantasy, this series has it in spades. They have John Larroquette as Jenkins who serves the Library and the Librarians. Last season we found out he was one of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table—immortal since that time (spoiler, highlight to read). And each week, they travel through a magical doorway to end up in different parts of the world or even time, to secure these artifacts for the Library and fight monsters and villains. And as fun as the original TV movies were.

In the last episode, “And the Final Curtain,” Prospero gains renewed magic that creates havoc with the world's technology. Flynn and Eve Baird (hired to be the new Librarians’’ guardian first season) must travel back to 1611 to battle Prospero and thwart his scheme to recreate a forest utopia. The season ended satisfactorily for me and I cannot wait until next year—no doubt November 2016—for Season 3.

You can watch Season 2 free at

For Season 1, it says free at IMDB: and $1.99 per episode at Amazon. It is also available on DVD and Bu Ray at The three TV movies are available on DVD and Blu Ray at Amazon.
I give 4.5 out of 5 for Season 2 of The Librarians.

I am absolutely in love with this series this season. I began watching the first season then lost interest. Picked it up this year and feel like they have gelled the stories and characters so much better. It's a cross between "Night at the Museum" and "Agents of Shield." A little history, a little magic and a little supernatural powers. I still haven't figured out the benefit of the female "guardian" role as it seems a little superfluous but it doesn't distract that much from the stories. If you gave up on it earlier, give it another try. I am always a fan of Noah Wylie and John Laraquette!


  1. I just discovered this show ... over the holidays!
    I am not sure which season was on the marathon but I liked it ... I am going to have to look for season one on dvd ... season two if they have it .... =)

  2. This sounds like something I might really enjoy, I am going to check if I can watch it for free as well, here in Holland. All those names mean absolutely nothing to me tough ;) Is there a hot middle aged hero in the cast?

    1. Well, Noah Wylie is a cutie and I have always had this thing for John Larroquette but I wouldn't say any are a Chris Helmsworth. There was a hint of budding romance but not the main theme for sure, just a fun watch!

  3. I started watching season one, because I liked the movies with Noah Wylie and LOVE Christian Kane formerly of Leverage. I really enjoyed that they have a woman as the head ass-kicker - she part mother figure, part general. And okay, Ezekiel Jones is just so full of himself, you can't help but laugh. Plus, they have had some fantastic guest stars. Who would have pegged Bruce Campbell as Santa... but it totally worked!! Love this show. :)